Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hangin' with Deepak

I believe true beauty starts from within and works its way out. When your insides don't match the outside, it's never a pretty picture. I have worked hard the last year, to retrain my mind away from the negative thoughts. So, when I was given the awesome gift and mind blowing opportunity by my best friend to do Panchakarma at The Chopra Center, I jumped on a plane. Panchakarma is a week of total immersion, a detox of body, mind and spirit. Panchakarma is not for sissys'. The days are packed with yoga, meditation, classes, Ayurvedic meals, doctor consults, herbs and basti enemas (yeah, the enema part not so fun, but apparently necessary to rid the body of toxins and years of bad habits). We got through the week, the uncomfortable body, mind experience with much belly laughter and giggles. Everyone, from the staff to the teachers and massage therapists could not have been more accommodating. We met all kinds of interesting people from around the globe, each with a specific story, all going through the same process.
The hot oil Abhy massages specific to your dosha, made up for the gassy stomach and wicked, detox headaches. I wasn't buying it, especially the Primordial Sound meditation. To have to sit with the racing thoughts meditating in silence, no thanks. But, as the days went on, I noticed the smallest changes. I awoke in the morning happy on the inside, for the first time in ages. The muscles on my face softened, and I gave up the internal fight. Carlsbad, The Chopra Center and La Costa Resort and Spa are located in 'the sweet spot of the universe.' The majestic ocean, the mighty cliffs and dolphins are just minutes away. The Chopra Center, surrounded by lush grounds, palm trees, bougainvillea, and water fountains help calm the mind instantly. It's the perfect place to get back to basics, and in touch with your unique spirituality. A happy, tranquil, healthy person's beauty radiates effortlessly from within, shining brightly on their skin and everything around them.
We met Deepak, who was kind enough to stop and chat. Now, that's wicked cool. "Hangin' in Cali. with Deepak, healing my dosha and saying my mantra." What a lucky life experience, what a lovely, unforgettable week.
I'm home again, dreaming of the beach. I'm eating Ayurvedic meals, with the occasional Saturday cheat, drinking ginger tea, doing yoga, writing and working on my meditation. And passing less judgement, each day a bit closer to the prettiest me.

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  1. Beautiful Jackie! I always see the prettiest you!