Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Gentleman and A Sexy Scholar

I thought it was high time I introduced the illustrious LA Celebrity Makeup Artist, photographer, blogger,  artiste extraordinaire, Troy Jensen. I have been a fan for years, and had the pleasure of working with Troy when I was a fledgling artist honing my own skills. It was during Oscar week at the fabulous beauty full immersion suites. A host of hair and make up sponsors rented bungalows, inviting celebs to come by for some serious pampering at the Chateau Marmont in Los AngelesBourjois and Vidal Sassoon were among the many prestige host brands. Celebrities were invited to get primped for the weeks whirl wind events. Daryl Hannah, Emily Mortimer, Rachel Griffiths, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Tilly, Lake Bell, beauty editors, reporters, and a slew of other bevy's came through. Pre-parties, press junkets to attend, there was lots of excitement and commotion. It was exhausting working long days and nights, yet still so much fun. Troy was the lead artist, but never made you feel second team. He worked with his artists, offering tips and beauty secrets. His flawless faces and stunning makeup technique, I learned lots of tricks from him. He was a teacher, as well as a gentleman, with no prima donna behavior in sight. 
Troy is a veteran, a pro, confident and capable in his abilities. I love his makeup, it's beautiful, polished and clean. He knows exactly how to make a celebrity feel at ease, glamorous and pretty. I can't add his numerous accomplishments, extensive celeb client list, gorge photography, or great blog to this post. There just isn't enough room. Check out his website to see for yourself what true beauty looks like. It's Troy Jensen, in the flesh. I was proud to have spent time working with him, learning his tricks of the trade.