Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Their Moment is Now

I worked on the W June feature Model of the Moment assisting Stephane Marais. The girls are the ' it girls ', the working modelista creme of the crop. 13 models came and went over 3 days. For me, one stood out -Karlie Kloss (on the far left). She's young, smart, polite, beautiful, sweet and humble. She knows how to say please and thank you. Such fantastic model qualities! In a business that is fast and dangerous, it's nice to see some humanity.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Model as Muse

The Met's 'Model as Muse Gala' was last night. The celebs were out in full force, although the models presence lacked the heavy hitters. Christy,  Naomi and Stephanie Seymour were all decidedly absent.  
The Model as Muse, " examines a timeline of fashion from 1947-1997, through the idealized aesthetic of the model." The exhibit features 80 haute couture and ready to wear pieces, along with countless images and projections. As I reconcile my twenty year modeling past with my much improved present, I'll probably go for the nostalgia. And the beautiful designs and sexy images from another time. For me, fashion today has become boring, uninteresting, and digitalized, along with the robotic models and young celebs whose faces are plastered on the tabloids, tv and internet.  I admit it, I'm old school. Give me Charlotte Rampling, Issabella Rosselini, mysterious, brooding, even off-putting beauty any day. I like to think beauty is imperfect, and looks more authentic when likened to a David Lynch film.

Design Team Dream

I had the pleasure of doing make up for Magareta van den Bosch.
Ms. van den Bosch is the head designer for H & M. She has been with the company for twenty years, talk about staying power!!! There are 150 designers truth be told. "It's a big team." I'd say so. She was in town doing press for the launch of the Matthew Williamson summer collection for H & M.
During the day, I kept the make up clean with a pink lip.
For the Matthew Williamson party on a boat that night, with Grace Jones in tow- I added a half lash strip, some liquid liner and an even brighter pink lip. Easy, breazy make up & bold, colorful clothes.