Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CEW Beauty Winners on QVC

QVC and beauty? It's a winning combo that draws billions of dollars for the Cosmetic Industry. I'm spoiled, I live in NY and can walk out my door and pick up, play with, check out any new product my heart and face desires. It's great that women all over the country can see on tv what's new and exciting. Last night QVC teamed up with CEW bringing in the CEW Beauty Award winners. I tevo'd the show and quickly scanned the products. DARAC, CEW Beauty 2009's Indie winner looks interesting, congrats to Mally Roncal and her Volumizing Mascara Duo (Mally is the Mascara queen on her celeb clients) & YSL Lipstick works for me anytime. I really tuned in to see the big winner of the night & my gorgeous artist friend, Tim Quinn from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. Congrats to Armani for winning CEW 2009 Beauty Award's Prestige Face Product with Face Fabric Nude Makeup. Genius, stellar. I am already a huge fan of Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. I would die without it in my kit. Face Fabric, as Tim put is "silky, layering, and buildable yet translucent & luminous on the skin." It's semi-matte texture is "silky like second skin, leaving a beautiful glow." It's tres-so-chic portable, yay!

Coat of Many Colors

I got to work with the uber-talented Stephen Dimmick, makeup artist extraordinaire. Stephen is one of the industry's best kept secrets and the next big thing. His finger approach to painting the face is old school modern and his mix of creamy texture and powder shadow on the skin is genius. I love watching great artists at work, it's inspiring. I asked if he paints? His response, "the face is my canvas." As he magically transformed the skin, the eyes, the lips it was true. It was as if the face had become a painting, only multi-dimensional and alive with color. Even Stephen's non-color approach is filled with color. He paints the face rich, exotic, and with many coats.

Friday, June 26, 2009

'Da Boys

I like working with the boys. They're chill, fun and uncomplicated. They tell you stories that are never about beauty, but about life in the Bronx or hopping a train to Philly with a backpack just because. This crop of young guys are a new kind of James Dean. I admire their Cool Hand Luke swagger. I shot Grey Boys for D La Repubblica della Donne magazine with photographer Taghi Naderzad. Taghi gets the odd moment, the inn-between cool captured on film. I love how he works, the off putting poses and the freedom of unbalanced movement. I kept the skin clean with a hint of bronzer (Giorgio Armani's Bronze Mania), much like a boxer's sheen.
Grey does matter, it's the mystery between black and white.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup at Priano.com
Tuan Ahn Tran Hair at L'Atelier NYC

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Sheer, natural see-through coverage makeup that is actually good for your skin? How refreshing! Philosophy is out with a fresh, new makeup line. I can't wait, who doesn't love their scrumptious moisturizers, bathe & body products? Their makeup motto: Glorify your skin with healthy makeup options, full of minerals, plant and fruit extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. (all the products are mineral oil free.) I applied the products today at the NY press launch. The colors are natural, pretty, wearable and the application was smooth and flawless. The Supernatural Coloring Book is the neatest color palette with tawny browns and subtle pinks, and a pop of sheer burgundy. The Mini Glosses are the perfect size for your clutch, even your jeans pocket. I love Bare & Dreams, pink and coral mattes. Lit from Within, a healthy cream mineral blush in Look on the Bright Side is sheer bubble gum pink & gorge on the red carpet. It's even picture ready & pretty at the supermarket, unbearably light & uncomplicated.

Neda lovely Neda

There is nothing beautiful about being gunned down while standing in the street. The shocking and heartbreaking video of Neda Agha-Soltan dying, blood pouring from her nose and mouth has quickly become a global symbol of pro-democracy in these troubled times. Neda, the Iranian martyr was a pretty young woman in her prime. She was a student of music and a lover of travel. Neda had the courage to stand up for what she believed in, to be a voice regardless of the risk and the horrific outcome. I say thank you Neda, for showing me courage and grace and shining your beacon of light. There is enormous beauty in that. May your death bring us all one step closer to peace in this one life.


Need to recharge? My friend's boutique hotel on the island of Gozo is the perfect pampering getaway, without the pretention. It's luxe, it's mystical, it's tranquil beauty immersion. The mosaics, the colors of the rooms, the floral bonanza, the chef at your disposal, the pool at your feet. The organic fruits and vegtables, the fresh fish, the holistic services from yoga to holistic massage to Ayurveda. The healing power of the sea. Tempted? I'm booking my flight. I can't wait to be surrounded by jasmine and gardenia and the simple elegance of this mystical island. Treat yourself. Your body, soul and mind deserve it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gimme A Break

Seriously sun, if I wanted this grey weather I'd move to London. Although a friend pointed out it's probably sunny there. So, how about we break out some bronzing tools and get a tan? If I can't see the sun in my sky at least I can wear it on my face. Bronze Universal de Chanel Sun Illuminator is just the ticket. The cream to powder texture is so luxurious you'll want to bathe in it. A little goes a long way and the color is perfect. It's warm without being orange or muddy, leaving your skin radiant and pretty. I say skip the foundation, add a touch of Bronze Universal to your moisturizer, put on some tunes and have your day at the beach.

Makeup Jackie Cioffa
Open Air Magazine

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's All Good

I admit it. I love all things rock. The music, the fringe and leather, the bleach blond hair, the bad boys. Frye boots. Here's my struggle, I want a tattoo. A real bad ass tatt- the biker chick on a Harley kind-(my friend and I promised we'd cruise across country on Fat Boys.) That was twenty years ago, life seems to have gotten in the way. Not to mention sciatica...I have a tattoo already, a round lady Buddha on my back. She's the goddess of good and keeps me in check. I think two are too many for a lady of a certain age... Much to my delight a friend turned me on to temptu tattoos. 3 - 5 days permanent and they look real. Best part you can move them around on your body and switch up the decals as the mood suits. Cool. Maybe I'll use them on the next photo shoot. I'm still gonna bleach one strand of my hair and rock out. It's beautiful and it's temporary.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Viva la French

I have two words for you, grand dame. I recently worked with Marion Cotillard and Stephane Marais on a Vogue cover shoot. Marion showed up by herself, no entourage in tow. She is a tiny little thing with a soft voice, a lovely combination of femininity and power. The woman is smart, her skin flawless and her eyes the color of the sea. In Stephane's stunning makeup, she looked ethereal, a gorgeous creature from another time. Marion had recently returned from a 3 day energy healing trip. Even though her life has exploded since winning the Oscar, she has maintained composure and a secure sense of self. She is a brilliant actress and beautiful soul, straight from the inside out.

Rain Rain Go Away

It's official. NYC has gotten off to a rocky summer start. The clouds and rain have been hovering far too long. I've decided to prep my summer makeup kit in hopes of sunshine. I came across a great skincare line, Skin Ceuticals.  The line's philosophy is about providing skin health, through science. No gimmicks, just good clean skincare. Their Physical UV Defense SPF 30 provides optimal coverage for sensitive skin, it's even safe for kids! It contains both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but won't leave your skin looking white through innovative dispersion technology. Which means I can use it under a makeup application. Sweet. Their cleansers (People's hottest bachelor Chace Crawford is a fan of the face wash), toners and moisturizers kind of rock too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oooh la la Chanel

Last week, I travelled to Cleveland, Ohio for a beauty event with Chanel.
The ladies who came to get beautified were lovely, as was the Chanel team at Saks. Stellar artists and great fun! The event was a success with lots of Sublimage Cream and Serum being scooped up. Sublimage is made with Vanilla Planifolia and packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Your skin instantly hydrates and says thank you. A few of my top color picks from the week-end...Powder Blush in Narcisse, gives a pretty pink glow. Rouge Allure Naive lipstick from the Les Naturels Collection is sizzling for summer and the perfect subtle nude pink. Glossimer in Sirop is reintroduced and OMG spot on for summer...get it before it's gone! I plan on buying ten! lol