Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take Me Back

Zeno Line Rewind Wrinkle Reduction Kit is straight from the future. I bet Steven Spielberg would be a fan of it's ingenious future. A super cute handheld device, that emits red LED (Light Emitted Diode) with light and warmth, vibrates and massages the skin. Its non-invasive, costs pennies compared to botox or surgery, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin.
Line Rewind vibrates, soothes and massages, with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Used in combination with Line Rewind Serum, it's a one two punch knockout. Enriched with peptides and the potent antioxidant Reservatrol. It's a Spa day in the luxury of your own home. Line Rewind Serum supports a cellar turnover and diffuses wrinkles efficiently.
Peptides are the medical wave of the future, signaling the skin to produce more collagen. As we get older, we lose elasticity, the skin starts to sag and wrinkle.
Bummer, but hey if I can knock off a few years, I'm in. I love my little pink Zeno, its adorable and funky. When aliens come and abduct me, I'll look like a million bucks. They'll be amazed by my radiant, luminous skin, light years younger. Take that, age busters.

Next stop. Zeno Blemish Fighter. Who wouldn't want those nasty pimples zapped away?

Zeno Blemish Prevention Kit

"Destroys Up To 99.9 Of Acne Bacteria In One Hour. Helps Prevent Future Breakouts And Penetrates And Unclogs Pores."

  Zeno's HEAT TREAT Blemish Prevention Kit is the 2011 CEW Beauty Award Winner in Facial Skincare: Acne Treatment! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

All I Need is an Airstream, Sunscreen & California Dreamin'

Me & My Feathers Courtesy of Indigo Salon

I went to get my hair dyed by my good friend, always in varying shades of red. She owns a salon, in the Finger Lakes. Yeah, it's not New York, or LA but she is one hot, smoking, talented, Hair maven. She is on top of the trends. Last year she asked me to do her makeup, jet black eyes, a bronze sexy, biker chick look. She was off to see Aerosmith in concert. She digs Steven Tyler, who doesn't? When she pulled out feathers to put in my hair, I felt 18 all over again. With my banging, 80's blond streak and big hair. Badass, bold, in your face, world at my feet, watch out, I'm coming. A few feathers was all it took. My 73 year old mother, the original badass replied, " I want one!" So there you have it, creativity has no town or age limit. A little hippie chic, and your off & running. Get your groove back on. 


"According to Fine Feather Heads' Facebook page, they use only the "highest quality REAL feathers from farm raised birds... in a variety of colors from blue, red, even wild hot pinks and purples to natural colors like golden-rod and tigers-eye.
Installation takes less than a couple minutes, with no damage to hair. And, they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled!
You can purchase a single feather in different colors or a bundle of feathers online and do your thing. You'd think these feathers would be a fly by night thing, but once they're washed, they evidentally become one with your hair and last for months."
Image Courtesy of



10,000 Hits Hooray Giveaway!!!

10, 000 hits! I'm stoked, grateful for each & every one. Much luv to those who have tuned in, followed and came back for a repeat visit. To show my appreciation, it's time to return the favor. A bunch of goodies in fact! I've put together a mix of summer fun products to giveaway, with all your basics.
To enter, follow the rules below, and spread the word, Make Up to Model Citizen rocks. XOXO. Thanks to all my MU clients who let me paint their faces, the rags who ask for quotes, the PR gals who send product, and trust my 'expert beauty advice.'  Thanks to the Celebrity Artists who graciously gave interviews, friends & readers, and most importantly, the brands. Without them, there'd be no beautilicious posts. 

Summer Fun GiveAway Kit
Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer 
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner
Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer
Hula Hula

-Nude Glisten

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mascara

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Ends the 17th of July 2011  
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Bring Me A Prince & I'll Show You a Well Kempt Woman

We've got our Hanky Panky lingerie, in sexy, cheeky, fun colors and shapes. Now what? We're off to a promising start. Make sure your legs and bikini line are neat and tidy. Ready for some summer fun, at the beach, by the pool, in short-shorts and shades. With Schick Quattro for Women's TrimStyle you & your legs can rest easy, silky, smooth and confident. It comes with four blades for a close shave, your legs will feel smooth for days. Are you ready for the piece de resistance? It has the coolest, battery operated, waterproof trimmer attached. With three different comb lengths, you can get that perfect, bikini trim. Why invest a fortune on waxing or laser treatments, that leave you red and bumpy for days? Pick up a TrimStyle, the inexpensive, bump free, hassle free, easy to use, and even easier to pack, smart razor and trimmer in one, way to go. With all those dollars saved, treat yourself to a five star vacation on some exotic beach, and show off those fabulous, TrimStyle, killer legs. If it's good enough for Ms. Perry and her go on for days, gorgeous legs, it's good for me. "Now, bring me a Prince," I  dare say.

Enter the contest on Fb:
"Schick® Quattro for Women® continues to hit the road with Katy Perry this summer as an official partner of her California Dreams 2011 Tour! Follow our spontaneous summer adventures at and"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sugar and Spice

I usually stick to beauty posts, but my gorgeous, sexy, smart, PR maven friend at fab. Alison Brod Public Relations sent me Hanky Panky panties and I couldn't resist. I've been hearing rave reviews about them. (My model friend said, "are you kidding, they are awesome? That's all I wear.") Cheeky, cute, funky, fun, sexy and super comfy. They are only panties you will ever need. Worn by just about every female celebrity on the planet from Cameron, to Julia Roberts, Cher, Jessica Simpson, Marisa Tomei, and Jennifer Aniston. The list goes on. Once you go Hanky apparently, you never go back. I'm a fan of the leopard boyshort myself. They feel light, fresh and a little bit saucy. The ultimate in affordable, fine lingerie. They feel like a million bucks, no tugs, no lines, no pulling. There's a style for everyone. The thong is a popular, best-seller. The neutral colors are perfect for photo shoots, runway shows and under light clothing. is featuring a red, white and blue theme for the fourth. Right on time for the holidays, put some spark in your life. Hanky Panky has a personalized line (great for brides & the bridal party) and a smart, dollar point program. For every dollar spent, you get a point. When you accrue 250 points you get a $25.00 coupon towards a new pair. How fabulously swank is that?! Look & feel comfy in your intimates, just like a movie star. Treat yourself to a pair.