Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do Unto Others

Happy Holidays all y'all. 
Pressed for time, I didn't get to the false lashes. I applied a sparkly, gold shimmer eye instead, bronze, peach cheeks, and a killer brown lip. Sometimes we get dolled up for a night on the town, a big occasion. Others, we put our best face forward for someone else. That is the biggest, best gift of all. Caring, making an effort even when you don't feel like it.
Love makes the world look a whole lot prettier.
Blessings, be safe, eat, drink and be merry this Eve of Christmas. 
Gift someone a pick me up hug, zero dollars well spent.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eye to Eye

Let's face it, the festivities are closing in. The mad dash for presents, the smell of molasses from the kitchen, the colored lights, evergreen tree and sparkly decorations. I'm not a fan of the holiday season, I'd rather be snuggled in my pj's watching a movie. Hey, it's once a year. Got to put on a brave face, make the effort. Since this is a 'pick me up post,' and every girl can use a little e.l.f.'in magic in their life, why not brighten the eyes with some false lashes. Pretty lashes are my go to easy, glam fix. I love to pop on a pair, apply a bit of bright lip gloss, concealer, and I feel better. Ready to face the iPhone cameras with a smile.
e.l.f. Essential Natural Lash Kit cost a buck, and are worth 100 pennies. 

e.l.f. "No mess, no hassle - just naturally beautiful lashes! Get full lashes for any occasion with our top-rated Natural Lash Kit. Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can achieve natural looking lush lashes again and again."
At that price, you can gift them to your girlfriends, voila glamour. 

I didn't buy many presents this year, but I did purchase doubles of children's Christmas pajamas. I donated one pair to charity. A child somewhere will wake up with a present under the tree. In the art of 'pick me up' and spirit of giving, that feels pretty to me.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Share A Pint

'Beauty and a buck, pick me up' holiday challenge continues.
The holidays aren't about the grandiose of a gift, or the amount. It's about the spirit of giving, even if all you have is pocket change. Skip the Starbucks for a few days and you'll have plenty of dough to go around. .97 cents buys Nivea Creme in the little blue travel tin. '100 years in the making,' the pint size moisturizing gem that packs a punch. I love the clean, unforgettable scent, made from essential oils. The creamy texture, absorbs instantly into the skin. The intense moisturizer can be applied to the face and whole body. Ideal for sensitive, dry skin, a dab goes a long way. If you're like the rest of the country, you're buried under snow, braving freezing temperatures and plain old grouchy. Turn that frown upside down, pick up some blue tins of hydrating magic. Have a neighbor that doesn't get any visitors, a friend who's going through a bad breakup or even a co-worker whose had a string of bad luck? Buy Nivea Creme Travel Tins, tape a penny to the top for luck (heads up), and wrap it up. Give it away, totally unexpected. The pint size gift of kindness, a small token from the heart. Guaranteed pretty, bring an instant grin to someone's face. .97 cents well spent.

Nivea Creme Travel Tin

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Times We Live In

I apologize for my longer than anticipated absence. Self publishing a book requires more time and effort than I thought. 
Patience, what's that?!

Since it's the holidays, and I missed y'all, I thought I'd do something different this year. I could contact my PR ladies, write about a bunch of fancy, amazing beauty products. Then, it dawned on me. The majority of us, me included won't indulge or can't afford them. These are crazy days we live in.
Gov't. shutdowns, Obamacare, 450 million dollar websites that don't work, Beyonce, KK and Miley Cyrus trending on social media, turmoil is everywhere. The world is a hot mess, and not so beautiful after all.
When I watched the coverage of Nelson Mandela's inspiring, honorable, legendary life and passing, my eyes filled with tears. Every single time, I could not help it. Overcome with emotion, the collective love and celebration. Beauty comes in many forms and unexpected places.
For the holiday season, I decided my personal challenge was to write, pick me up posts.
Not all cosmetic, and under a dollar. They may not be beauty related, but let's start there.
With a festive mini gloss, and some sparkling cheer. I use Sally Beauty's Mini Lip Gloss Wands, a lot. At $.99 cents, I give them away to clients.
A dollar and a dream may not seem like much, but thoughtfulness in a shimmery, raspberry gloss goes a long way.