Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Vast Landscape

Harrison is beautiful chaos. She falls hard and lives fast, stubborn and stoic.THE VAST LANDSCAPE She discovers strength and beauty through others, unbreakable bonds and love. Life is crazy beautiful, raw and magnificent.

Lack A Luster No More

Pixi Beauty sent Glow Tonic, with Aloe Vera and Ginseng for review. I admit, I have been slammed, over-whelmed with self-publishing, marketing and promoting my debut book. 
There are select brands I truly love, and will find the time to promote. Pixi Beauty rocks, I respect Petra's natural philosophy. She designs health conscious, awesome, affordable beauty. Boy, am I glad I didn't gift wrap and give away, Glow Tonic skintreats. Pure radiance in a bottle. I have always said, "beautiful makeup application starts with fresh, flawless skin." Glow Tonic, the exfoliating facial tonic 'tones, smooths and refines skin texture.' Au natural, what woman wouldn't want to hear compliments about her skin? "She's got a glow about her."
Ginseng has been used for it's healing properties in Asia and North America for centuries. It
brightens the skin, improves circulation and revitalizes. I add a slice of Ginseng to my Nutribullet, giving the immune system a boost. Apply Glow Tonic directly to the face, neck and chest, your skin appears luminous and radiant, matching the inside. Pixi Beauty's popular, twelve year staple, Glow Tonic gets a makeover. The 'miracle' in a bottle launches just in time for the polar vortex and harsh, winter elements. Infused with karmic goodness and ingredients like Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, Glow Tonic is power blend of facial wellness. I dig the clean, aromatic scent, it's delish. Try it, you might get hooked. Loving the way you feel, and look.