Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sittin' Up in My Room

Michael Duenas, Celebrity Hair Stylist and founder of Hair Room Services, has teamed up with StyleHaul, the largest original beauty & fashion video content to create a series called SuperStyled. With a global audience of 25 million style influences, Hair Room Services is sure to get noticed.
When I read his email with the link to his latest video, I was curious. I checked it out.
Entitled, "SUPERSTYLED Gym Edition: Dream of Charlize Theron," I couldn't resist.
I'm a fan of the razor edge, smart, beauty Charlize, from our modeling days in Miami Beach. The video is funny, a  pretty girl (striking resemblance to the chick with the fangs from The Bachelor) at the gym, sees a clip of Charlize on TV, & daydreams of getting glammed up. Only, it isn't a dream. The styling is awesome, leopard nails, hair whipped into a lovely up do like Charlize's, and a gorgeous, smokey makeup application. Watch the transformation, it's entertaining and educational. Let Hair Room Services come to you. Artists do it everyday, schlep their kits to celebs, fashion peeps in need. Mariah wants lashes, Liv's got a press junket, Robert can't leave his hotel for fear of getting trampled by paparazzi. He needs primping for late night TV. Beauty and fashion teams provide services day & night, but only Mr. Duenas will come to you. His genius concept of offering Hair Room Services to the ordinary Joe? No problem, an out of towner in need of a cut, makeup application? Sit back, relax and watch some TV. Even better watch the video, while you wait for your SuperStyled celebrity stylist. Everyone deserves superstar treatment, a little in house luxury. Roll out the red carpet.

Charlize Theron Press Junket
 Snow White and The Huntsman

Gym Edition:Dream Of Charlize Video

Michael Duenas at Work

"HAIR ROOM SERVICE by Michael DueƱas is recognized as one of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles’ most luxurious beauty amenities forin-room salon appointments. Top celebrity artists not only deliver beautiful haircuts, blowouts, personalized styling, makeup and nail applications, but they will climb your stairs and travel in any weather. Hair Room Service is a rewarding experience and the best part of any beauty regimen. Nothing can beat sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your own surroundings. You will feel like a celebrity after having a visit from your own personal
celebrity artist. With ease and convenience, clients can arrange
for HAIR ROOM SERVICE to come to them for blowouts and styling for any occasion without working around busy salon hours. HAIR ROOM SERVICE takes the stress out of the client’s day, saves them time and energy and will arrive at their door regardless of time or weather.

The idea of HAIR ROOM SERVICE came to Michael during one
of his many travels. When staying at a hotel, a guest asked the
concierge where they could receive a haircut. Michael overheard
this and offered his services. Michael realized that finding a
salon and a good stylist can be challenging for clients when they
are traveling. Upon his return home, HAIR ROOM SERVICE was


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rover, Is There Anyone Out There?

"At the moment of launch, the blue planet and the red planet were 127 million miles (205 million km) apart, which is less than a third of the maximum distance they reach during their differing orbits around the sun."
Eight months, 13,000 mph, and 2.5 billion dollars later, Rover is successfully hanging out on Mars.  Taking pictures. That's a whole lot of dough and distance. MAC COSMETICS created the galactic, Heavenly Creature Collection right here, on the blue planet.
Light years ahead, and always in tune with modern times.

"Eyes go glamorously inter-galactic with these 9 limited-edition Mineralize Eye Shadows. For celestial effects, apply with the 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush. Add False Lashes mascara for a truly otherworldly look." - MAC COSMETICS

Heavenly Creature Mineralize Eye Shadow
MAC'S Heavenly Creature Mineralize Eye Shadows are sublime. We mortals can outdo any Martian, wearing pearlized, planetary shades of color. Worn dry, the shadows create a subtle look, worn wet and the hues intensify, lasting well into the night. In 9, limited edition shades, pick up your favorite hue.
Sky Sample, in swirls of sky blue with specks of green-gold dust, looks futuristic & modern swirled atop the eyelid.
Magentic Attraction, a deep copper hue with golden swirls, reminds me of the desert and her warmth & colors of a setting sunset.
Neo Nebula, has a metallic silver running through light pink, mauve and a lovely plum. I love Nebula, swept lightly over the eye for day, and heavier into night.

 Mineralize Skin Finish Light Years
MAC'S  Mineralize Skinfinish has four shades in limited edition. Light Year, a shimmer highlighter is my favorite. Its peachy- pink tone is subtle and shimmer, all at once. Paired with MAC'S Bronzing Powder, it's a shining light of soft colour, complimenting the browbone, high cheeks and nose for a celestial effect.

Heavenly Creature Colour Collection

Cremesheen Glass, creamy gloss with a touch of sheen, MAC'S stand out, gloss signature. Super comfy, wearable, in 5 new non- stick, delish shades. Cremesheen, Heavenly Creature Colour Collection Limited Edition is other worldly.
Celestial Kiss, a barely there cool peach, with lustre is summer fab. Strictly Plutonic a medium tone brown-pink, gives the lips spot on color, that shines sans the sparkle. Both lovely, guilty pleasures.

Celestial Kiss

MAC Lipsticks complete Heavenly Creature Colour Collection with signature flare & simmer. MAC, infamous for their ethereal Lipsticks. Viva Glam continues to push the envelope, with bold, confident Spokespersons & cutting edge, new makeup trends, staying ahead on the map.
Cut A Caper, a pink- coral, looks pretty for winding down the last, lazy days of summer. Caper, a semi-opaque lip, worn with nude, glistening skin and a touch of mascara delivers a young, fresh look.
Venus, a barely there subtle-pink, with a hint of specks of gold. Sheer cover with a shimmering feel.
Fire Sign, an opaque red with a pink undertone. Fire Sign is great for day events, the office, or even first dates where subtle, sexy red makes an under statement.
A girl's gotta have options. MAC delivers an out of this world menu, 
guaranteed to satisfy all Heavenly Creature's palette.

"At the moment of launch, the blue planet and the red planet were 127 million miles (205 million km) apart, which is less than a third of the maximum distance they reach during their differing orbits around the sun."

Read more Rover Details:,8599,2100299,00.html#ixzz234RRh25h

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Chrystal Copland for Anna Sui Cosmetics shot by Steven Meisel

Mad props go out to Fusion Model Management, " a high fashion boutique modeling agency based in New York City. Made up of lots of interesting characters that get to tell a story." 
I think the most fascinating story is that of its owner & founder, Jody Gordon.

An agent with a crazy work ethic, I have watched Fusion evolve from a concept, and grow into one of the top 10 agencies in New York City. Jody has smarts, savvy, a great eye and killer instinct. As an agent, she's disciplined, with a 'tell it like it is' integrity, a no nonsense drive that comes with firsthand experience. She's an expert in fashion and has built an impressive, model & client portfolio. As a woman, I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. I love it when a lady kicks butt in a man's world. Fusion continues to grow leaps and bounds. When persistence pays off, success happens. 

Anna Sui Autumn Collection
Can we talk about the fierce, Anna Sui makeup campaign? Featuring Fusion model, Chrystal Copland? The picture is stunning, soft, pretty, edgy, modern & mysterious all at once. The makeup is GORGE. Anna's favorite color, purple, blended with black. There are 8 different shades of purple to mix & match, in the signature compact. Eye Shadow Palette can be paired with 41 shades. The Rebel Girl wears her makeup how she wants, when she wants. The neutral, barely there lip, is oh so sexy, paired with a rocker chick eye. The ever so slight, lavender hair extensions, lovely. Steven Meisel, the master of illusion keeps his edge and creates a story. Every time.
Anna Sui Limited Edition Autumn Lip

Fusion's Evolution
"Jody’s decision to open her own agency was never a preconceived notion―it happened by chance and luck.
Seventeen years ago, she was a successful model in Australia. An agent from Ford Models saw her in a catalog, contacted the ad agency she worked for and asked her to come to New York City.
Going from a small town of 600 to New York City was one of the most profound moments of her life. She loved the fast pace of the city and had a blossoming career. But in order to stay in America she really wanted to work for herself, so when an opportunity presented itself, one thing led to another and she found herself the owner of Fusion Model Management."
- Courtesy