Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Taste of Heaven

Before venturing out of the house, I never leave home without applying a dab of Armani Beauty's Luminous Silk Foundation. Just a dime size, applied to the whole face makes the skin glow, ready to face the day, looking pretty and polished. Whether I'm headed to the park with my pooch in sub degree temperatures, getting glammed up for fashion week, or even working the Oscar circuit, I'm confident with LSF in my kit. I use #4, #5, often and like #6 and #8 for a slightly bronzed look. I love #9 mixed with Crema Nera. I used the combo on Lake Bell's gorgeous skin. She showed me a picture, and wanted to look tan, like a Greek goddess. It worked, she was stunning, like bottled up sunshine. I have worked with Armani Beauty since the launch of the brand, and as a model in Milan long before that. We go way back, and I have never stopped loving the brand or the man. I will not waver, LSF is my number one my go to sheer foundation. LSF is a genie in a bottle, leaving the skin luminous, yet free from imperfections. Armani Beauty is offering a one day promotion today, you get to try three of my very favorite products with a purchase. This is your chance to see for yourself. What is, in my opinion, the very best. After all, who would expect less from the Maestro of perfection?,default,sc.html

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Place of my Own

I think that doing something that truly scares the crap out of you, makes you uncomfortable in your skin, is what beauty is all about. I left home in spite of my fear with two cents in my pocket, a backpack and a dream to discover new lands. Worlds that were completely foreign to me. I was fortunate to have the height and face for the world of beauty, if not  the iron stomach for the superficiality. I had twenty years of strutting around in high fashion clothes, and immediate access to the prestige world of beauty. I got old, it happens. I like to say I outgrew fashion, before it outgrew it's taste for me. I was bored, unfulfilled and desperate for change. I reinvented myself, Celebrity Makeup Artist. I loved that life for a time, the travel, the amazing talent, the creativity. I still find myself in love with beauty. I get excited when I discover new products, or an out of the box approach to makeup. I can't say I miss painting Mariah, or Anne Hathaway's porcelain skin, no matter how lovely the person or the experience. The superficial world of fashion and Reality TV, is exhausting. It's the pretend, play dress up life, we are bombarded with daily. It's the life I no longer see in my future.
Wanderlust always gets the best of me. With two cents in my pocket yet again, I have come full circle. It's time to push the limits, find something real, that nourishes and enriches the soul. I'm not afraid of change, however uncomfortable. I'm more afraid of regret, the nagging what ifs? The skeptic, searcher, gambler and dreamer welcomes the challenge and opportunity.
When I visited the Chopra Center in the fall, they worked lovingly towards giving me back good health, confidence and the tools to believe. To rediscover and follow my own unique dharma
I am most happy when writing, communicating through the beauty of the blank slate, the most simple, natural and effortless thing. Writing is not new to me. I've been taking pen to paper since my earliest memories. It's home. Maybe I went around the globe, to find the way back to the purest parts of me. The gypsy and her backpack filled with beauty. 
My father always told me I was perfect and beautiful in his eyes. I could do anything. I believed him, I was seven. I didn't know any different.

My wish for you all, is that you have the courage to let go of what is not working. That you find your own perfect, balanced life filled with purpose and childlike wonder. Don't let anyone ever put doubts in your minds and bodies. Do the work, find your dharma, and live the dream. 

Don't worry, I'll still be blogging about beauty, and doing makeup gigs. Life is more fun with sequins and shadows, makeovers and dress up days.

The Chopra Center is doing a 21 day meditation challenge. It's not too late to sign up. It helps quiet the noise in your mind, and peel back the layers. Giving you a clear, quiet glimpse of all the amazing possibilities that you possess inside.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Rider Rock and Roll Lives On

"You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it." The quote from the 1969 movie Easy Rider sums it up in two sentences, sadly ringing true 4o years later.
I could watch this film 100 times, never growing tired of the fringe coats, the cool rides, the studs, the simplistic life, and the underlying, deep message. At least today, some cool remains. Make Up For Ever's studded rock and roll palettes, a sweet reminder. Make Up For Ever's limited edition from Holiday, Rock For Ever Eye Shadow Palette is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Like hardcore, bad ass thank you Elvis, cool. The over sized compact has four funky shades, beige and black shimmer, silver iridescent and white shimmer. It comes adorned with gold and silver grommets, and black studs. Rock For Ever Eye Shadow Palette has the instant swagger factor, the popular kid with the cool shades. Make Up For Ever never skimps on pigment or quality, and gets an A+ for the smokey, rock and roll vibe. The black shadow has some serious flecks of diamonds and the white is a bright, blinding opalescent shade.

Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes are waterproof, mini eye liner pencils that come in black, charcoal gray, brown, gold, and silver. The colors are gorgeous, packed with pigment and the gold is 24K all the way. The liners are creamy, and glide on nice and easy. Perfectly portable in a studded, grommet, Rock For Ever tin. I'll take these anywhere. Pack 'em in a messenger bag, hop on a bike and go, where ever the road leads. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Lipstick Swatches Rouge d'Armani

I wanted to link to my blog, but for some unknown reason to this unsavvy techie, I was unable to do so! Bummer.
I figured since she was kind enough to link Make Up to Model Citi Zen, I'd devote a post. Her beauty website is smart, fun and well done. Seriously, folks if you haven't passed by please do. Karla got her start by actually going into the department stores and swatching product, then posting the pics to her blog. Genius! To see the actual shades in real time and natural light, what a great concept. She has expanded and grown her blog ten fold since then, with contests, hot topics, giveaways and a slew of product and trend information. She's the go to source for what's in, and an inspiration to keep on blogging.
She's a mutual fan and friend of TIM QUINN'S. Celebrity Makeup Artist and super guru Tim, is the front man for Armani Beauty, nationally and internationally. A man on the "go go go" as Tim would say, he's beyond busy. Yet, he always manages to find time to chat beauty with a smile.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Gentleman and A Sexy Scholar

I thought it was high time I introduced the illustrious LA Celebrity Makeup Artist, photographer, blogger,  artiste extraordinaire, Troy Jensen. I have been a fan for years, and had the pleasure of working with Troy when I was a fledgling artist honing my own skills. It was during Oscar week at the fabulous beauty full immersion suites. A host of hair and make up sponsors rented bungalows, inviting celebs to come by for some serious pampering at the Chateau Marmont in Los AngelesBourjois and Vidal Sassoon were among the many prestige host brands. Celebrities were invited to get primped for the weeks whirl wind events. Daryl Hannah, Emily Mortimer, Rachel Griffiths, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Tilly, Lake Bell, beauty editors, reporters, and a slew of other bevy's came through. Pre-parties, press junkets to attend, there was lots of excitement and commotion. It was exhausting working long days and nights, yet still so much fun. Troy was the lead artist, but never made you feel second team. He worked with his artists, offering tips and beauty secrets. His flawless faces and stunning makeup technique, I learned lots of tricks from him. He was a teacher, as well as a gentleman, with no prima donna behavior in sight. 
Troy is a veteran, a pro, confident and capable in his abilities. I love his makeup, it's beautiful, polished and clean. He knows exactly how to make a celebrity feel at ease, glamorous and pretty. I can't add his numerous accomplishments, extensive celeb client list, gorge photography, or great blog to this post. There just isn't enough room. Check out his website to see for yourself what true beauty looks like. It's Troy Jensen, in the flesh. I was proud to have spent time working with him, learning his tricks of the trade.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Health

Deepak and I on the same page. I am in excellent company! My Chopra Center "Hangin' With Deepak" blog post was featured in the December Agni Newsletter. For the full Agni Newsletter page visit:

The Gift of Perfect Health

Perfect health is a gift we all seek. Yet deadlines, meetings, kids' schedules, cell phones, conference calls, Blackberries, commuting, carpooling, running a household, and other demands seem to knock us off balance. How often do you eat your lunch at your desk? How often do you find yourself overwhelmed? How often do you find yourself racing around?
After a few years of running at such a hectic pace, the stress builds up, anxieties overtake us, and – in some cases – this imbalance manifests itself as imperfect health. Our digestion, nightly sleep patterns, close relationships, career paths, weight, and emotional wellbeing all seem to suffer as we get further from our natural state of perfect health.
This holiday season, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or a loved one is making it a priority to care for the body that allows you to experience all the richness of life . . . the ability to touch and be touched, to laugh and feel sorrow, to walk on the earth or float down a river, to look into your children’s eyes, to play with a puppy, inhale the scent of magnolias, cook a special meal, or create music.
Whatever its limitations, your body is the vehicle through which you experience the gifts of a human incarnation, so taking good care of your health is clearly a valuable use of your time and attention. If you want to make your health a priority in the New Year, we invite you to join us for the Perfect Health Panchakarma program – a 6- or 10-day wellness program where you will experience daily healing treatments and empower yourself with knowledge and practical tools that you can use every day to continue on your path to wellness when you return home.

One of our recent Perfect Health guests, Jackie Cioffa, described her experience on her blog:

"When I was given the awesome gift and mind blowing opportunity by my best friend to do Perfect Health Panchakarma at the Chopra Center, I jumped on a plane. Panchakarma is a week of total immersion, a detox of body, mind and spirit . . . The days are packed with yoga, meditation, classes, Ayurvedic meals, doctor consults, and herbs . . . Everyone, from the staff to the teachers and massage therapists could not have been more accommodating . . .  as the days went on, I noticed the smallest changes. I awoke in the morning happy on the inside, for the first time in ages. The muscles on my face softened, and I gave up the internal fight . . . What a lucky life experience, what a lovely, unforgettable week. I'm home again, dreaming of the beach. I'm eating Ayurvedic meals, with the occasional Saturday cheat, drinking ginger tea, doing yoga, writing and working on my meditation." Read the full blog post here >>
We invite you to join us at Perfect Health Panchakarma and take the time to balance, heal, and transform your life!

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Mermaid Dreams

The holidays are over, but the parties are in full swing. Sundance, Award Season, Fashion week, all the hustle and bustle of the beauty scene. For makeup and hair peeps, this is a very busy bee season. When Nars sent me the new eyeshadow palette, Melusine I did a little jig. I love a smokey purple eye, sometimes even more than all black. It looks good on everyone, from fair skinned blonds to hot reds, to the olive tone brunettes, adding a hint of mermaid quality. The bright purple shade is matte, and packs the right amount of punch. It blends and builds effortlessly. I love to apply it to the crease, on a bare eye with a hint of the pale, silver lilac shimmer added to the center of the lid. A touch of the silver lilac dusted to the inner corners, opens the eyes instantly. It's a nice compliment to the sultry purple.

Paired with the limited edition, sheer lipstick, Little Darling, it's one of my favorite looks. The sheer lip is a true nude, with a beige undertone that's sexy and alluring. Celebrity artist Fabiola used Little Darling on Lea Michele's lips at the Billboard awards. Beautiful, prepped and ready for some song and dance.                                                     


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Monday, January 3, 2011

If I Were A Carpenter

Some days I am just plain fed up with fashion and beauty. Maybe that's why I chose to take some time off, a sabbatical to do nothing, take long walks in the park, write scripts, novels and poetry. Don't get me wrong, I am a visual person and love all things beauty. The models, actors, and fantasy world escapisms. I've been a master at keeping one foot in Jimmy Choo's while the other firmly rooted in spirituality.
I still get weak in the knees when I watch Jeremy Renner or Charlize on film, memorized by their jaw dropping talent and beauty. Life is hard, it's fun to check out, dreaming about living some other person's fabulous life.
When I heard the news that French model Isabelle Caro passed at 28, losing her long, painful battle with anorexia nervosa I felt sick to my stomach. She was a beautiful girl, who succumbed to the dark and overwhelming pressures to be thin in a cut throat industry. Every young model, and actress at some point in her career has heard the words, you look a little fat. Really, are you kidding??? I'm a size 2, for God's sake. There's nowhere left to lose it!!! 
I know first hand, I lived the fashion world's pressures to stay slim, losing jobs by packing on a few pounds. Today, I am older and wiser and a bit rounder. So what, I say? Who cares? I'm alive, healthy and the same person. I refuse to starve myself, it's not worth it. So f..k you to all the agents, directors and designers out there selling young, impressionable girls the lie. If only they lost a few pounds, they could be famous. Fame is shite, superficial, and empty if there is no soul dwelling inside. Pardon my French, but this post is for Isabelle, and the young women everywhere who are being told they're not enough. It's simply not true, you are perfect exactly as you are. I hope Isabelle is at peace, serene and happy, floating in heaven weightless and free from her body. Not a care in the world. 
As for the rest of us, I think we should work harder to avoid the judgements, obliterating the words FAT and UGLY from the dictionary. 

Portia De Rossi's book, Unbearable Lightness is a must read for anyone struggling with anorexia.