Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Enough To Eat

very dry, damaged hair and scalp



Rene Furterer's exclusive Hair       Products, made from plant extracts, and essential oils were the rage in the 50's. The Jet-Set flocked to his salon, with bleach blonde, over-dyed, brittle falling out hair, alla Marilyn. Fifty Years later, Rene Furterer remain maestros of hair care. Celebrities, models and hair stylists rely on the ultra rich, nourishing brand for supple, healthy hair. Hair takes a beating on fashion shoots, runways and the red carpet. From hot irons, to rollers to blow dryers day after day, Karite Intense Nourishing Mask with enriched Shea, crucial vitamins and essential fatty acids is just what the Dr. ordered. First Class, style. Massage into wet, towel dried hair, comb through and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Twice a week. Voila, luxurious, shiny Bond girl (and guy) tresses. I know male models with to die for hair, who apply it directly to dry hair and leave in. Tres chicI love the smell and texture of Karite. So yummy, it's almost good enough to eat.

Bleach Blond Bombshells

Brand Buzz

"From the runways in New York City to the red carpet in Hollywood, René Furterer is the ultimate secret for healthy, gorgeous hair. René Furterer products continually grace the pages of the top magazines around the country. Click on the site to see why celebrities, stylists and beauty editors can’t live without René Furterer."

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Simple Christmas Wish

I have never considered myself pretty, even though I 'modeled' for twenty years. Please don't think me shallow, I have been told countless times otherwise. Looks never mattered. I knew I was tall, photogenic and blessed way more than most in the physical. As far back I can remember, I have been on a spiritual quest, searching, delving, searching, and praying for answers. Why must greed, ego and wealth be divided so? I lived the life of duality, both privileged and poor. There comes a time when one must face the demons, stand up to the ugly, politicos, the machine. I don't buy it, the rhetoric, the lies. I won't buy it, not when children die from starvation, lacking safe haven. There are six homes for sale on my block. It's a small block, in a minuscule, nowhere town. Two more abandoned homes rot, left in shame in the night. The rich grow deep pockets, as the people's leak holes. Forced to take a long, hard look at this face, mind, soul, and body, I struggle to make sense of what is happening. Out there, the world spirals out of control. Technology has made it too easy to stay connected, isolated at home. Reality news travels in nano seconds, reaching I Phones, Blackberry's, Androids, and millions of devices at the blink of an eye. 
When I left home for Milan, a simple, naive girl with huge dreams and big cajones, there were pay phones and gettones. Life was easy then. People left their homes open, welcoming company and the doors were unlocked.
My wish for all this Holiday season, is less worry, less fret about who you think you should be, or how you need to look. Remember, you are the glorious, unique, precious child, the forever innocent soul seeking love and redemption. Along with running around buying gifts, that will be the forgotten fad six months from now, do something else. 
Offer one small kindness in silence to someone who really needs it. Maybe an ear, a shoulder, a dollar or even a hand at the grocery store. It matters. Don't tell anyone, keep it to yourself and do it with an open heart. It will be your best kept secret, and you will be in tune with your prettiest, purest self.
Do not misunderstand, I love empowering women, helping them look and feel their best. I love makeup, beauty and all the frivolous, fun stuff. But, the child in me, the fearless warrior, the wanderer, the endless seeker, needs more. Knowing that I have helped someone, is better than any popcorn filling. Even the smallest, quietest, kindest thought counts.
I thank every single person who has stopped to read my work. The followers, Brands, friends, and co-workers who have encouraged, and supported along the journey. 
I wish you silly, joyous, Holiday moments filled with family, love, wealth in abundance, and not the monetary kind. To be surrounded by the ones you hold dear, and to feel the ones lost close. My secret Christmas wish for you is to remember the power and magic that is Christmas Eve through the eyes of a five year old. The tingling anticipation and wonder of being that child once again. Let yourself live the gorgeous, free- spirited memory. It's there you will rediscover your one, true self.
The missing piece of the puzzle, effortlessly becomes the innocent, grown up, happy version of you.

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” 
 Deepak Chopra, The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

YouBeauty.com "How To Look Hot In Photos"

A big Thank You to YouBeauty.com and Carey Moss for the awesome "How To Look Hot in Photos" feature. So cool to see my quotes and MAKE UP FOREVER'S AQUA CREAM Shadows mentioned. Check it out it's the fun, smart site by Dr. Oz and Dr.Roizen.

How to Look Hot in Photos

Try these tips for looking your photo-friendly best when the paparazzi (aka family and friends) snap your picture.

How to Look Hot in Photos
‘Tis the season for holiday parties, which means that friends, family and coworkers will be whipping out their cameras and snapping hundreds of photos, including shots of you from every possible angle.
Considering we live in the age of oversharing on Facebook and Twitter, there’s no telling how many sets of eyes will land on that photo of you at the company holiday party or your bestie’s New Year’s Day champagne brunch.
Translation: You want to look your best at all times because that picture may live online in perpetuity!
Here are some expert tips that will keep you from untagging every photo you see this season:
Act natural—and move around. Granted, when you’ve got one pose that works beautifully in photos, you may be afraid to mix it up, but you’ve got to move around between shots or else risk looking like an escapee from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
“Don’t force a facial expression just to minimize the dreaded double chin—or other facial feature you can’t stand in your photos,” says New York photographer Liz Ligon. “If you have the option to have more than one or two photos taken, try to switch it up in each one to increase the likelihood of looking really natural.”
Crack yourself up. There’s nothing more attractive and enticing than laughter, which is why Ligon recommends embracing laughter when someone is snapping your picture. “Laugh at the photographer if you have to,” she suggests. “You’ll automatically feel more comfortable in front of the camera.” Might we add that, you know, actually having fun at a party always leads to better photos?
Wear fitted, flattering clothes. The camera can add a pound or two so there’s no need for extra bulk in our outfit. Celebrity stylist and founder of A Clothes Call Ruth Sonnenshein suggests that you keep clothes on the fitted rather than billowy side.
Go nude. No, not in the photos. “Wear nude undergarments,” suggests Sonnenshein. “Those sneaky flashes can wreak havoc on a party pic.” Think about the times when you and your friends have mocked a celebrity on the red carpet in a dress that instantly became see-through the minute the paparazzi’s flash bulbs went off. Sure, you want to be remembered—but not in that way.
Brighten up. As tempting as that over-the-top smoky eye might be, makeup artist Jackie Cioffa recommends keeping makeup simple and bright. "I love using cream shadows in light colors like beige or gold applied to the lids to give eyes a pop. Then line close to the lash line with a kohl pencil for definition," she says. Cioffa prefers Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Shadows to do the trick.
Don't OD on powder. Sure, no one wants to look like an oil slick in photos, but heavy powder can look like a chalky mess once that flash goes off. Cioffa says to go easy on the powder, and go for a translucent formula over pigmented.
Do a final double-take. Take a last look at yourself before leaving the house and then remove one accessory, recommends Sonnenshein. “Too much is just that—it's a holiday party, not a costume party,” she says.
Now get out there and have some fun…because we’ll all be looking at your pictures online soon.
Copyright:  YouBeauty.com

"Beauty and health are inextricably linked. Who you are on the inside shines through on the outside.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen created YouBeauty.com in July 2011 as the first website to explore the link between beauty and health in a fun, factual way. YouBeauty arms visitors with scientifically-proven quizzes and tools that measure and improve everything affecting their beauty—from skin and hair, to stress, sleep and self-esteem. Our quizzes act as a filter to deliver pertinent, personalized action steps, articles, discussions and research straight to the reader, taking them on a journey to become their most beautiful self.
The You Docs, along with the best experts in science, beauty and fitness, are replacing beauty myths with proven facts and quantitative measurements. YouBeauty is based on science, so we know we can help you reveal your authentic beauty—it’s proven!"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Express Yourself

I heart MAKE UP FOR EVER, but I yearn for Wild & Chic's Holiday Collection, Aqua Cream Premium Set. The long-wear cream shadows are waterproof, crease-proof and beautiful, metallic hues. The cream shadow applies effortlessly, with ten shimmer shades to choose from. You can match any skin tone. The pots range in color from bronze, gold, silver, warm beige to rich brown, metal green and luminous black. The rich pigments are super wearable and versatile. It may be the most sought after, exclusive HOLIDAY COLLECTION

The tigress patterned clutch is hipster chic and spot on for travel. It's virtually indestructible, you'll want to show it off to all your friends. I can't wait to use Aqua Cream on my next editorial. Keeping the skin bare, adding coats of Smoky Lash Mascara and Aqua Cream's ultra modern, glistening eye cream. You can lay it on thick, or sparingly depending on the desired look. The included Eye Shadow Brush #5N makes application a snap. 

Aqua Cream Premium Set screams, "buy me." It's the knockout hit of the season, the it gift for all those jaded, hard to shop for, fierce, fashionista friends. They will be filled with Glee when they open their very own Wild & Chic's Aqua Cream Premium Set this Holiday season.