Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Y'all know I'm a super duper, eco-friendly bamboo fan. When I first laid eyes on the The ​Rootbox 

makeup organizer​ I let out a little squeal of jubilee. I immediately emailed the designers asking where I could get one. The concept is so modern, pretty and organized. Well, my beauty mavens you can get in on the grassroots launch.

The Rootbox campaign 
launches on Kickstarter today!


Creating timeless designs for the everyday woman.
The Rootbox is a smart, eco-friendly makeup organizer made to harmonize all your beauty products in one place.

The Rootbox is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the everyday woman. This new perspective will make it easier to clean, organize and highlight your makeup vanity.

Eco-friendly and renewable bamboo
 Unique patent pending lattice system to organize makeup brushes of any size
 Dry your makeup brushes horizontally without affecting its shape &form
 Removable drawer
 Built-in mirror 
 Easy to clean by removing the second shelf 
  iPhone and iPad friendly

About the Founders:

The Root Theory was created by two childhood friends with a background in graphic and product design. We combine our everyday experiences to create innovative designs where form follows function. Our vision is to revolutionize everyday essentials for women.

While our lives are enveloped with innovation and technology, we noticed that some of our daily essentials have not evolved with current times, like our makeup bags. We decided to create a smarter makeup organizer that will be easy to clean, organize and highlight our beauty essentials. We started selling our initial designs on Etsy and at local craft fairs. Along the way, we received a lot of support and even feedback to improve our design.

After a year of redesigning, we are very excited to officially launch a more versatile and robust Rootbox on Kickstarter. The funding from Kickstarter will help cover our manufacturing cost, time and materials to continue growing our product line. 

-Dorothy and Thao

            Founders of The Root Theory



SPECIAL Promotions available!

Pretty nifty. Feel free to check out and support The Root Theory and the Rootbox Kickstarter campaign. Happy launch day!

I'm a bamboozled fan. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bring the #Bliss Back to Your Skin