Friday, July 19, 2013

Stay Calm and Carry On

There isn't a woman I've met; supermodel, skinny, curvy, young or old that relishes donning a bikini.
A groan and gripe over some body part can be heard near and far. 
Sweltering temperatures don't help with silky smooth, bronze goddess skin.
Bikini Zone 'the bikini area experts' heard your complaints loud and clear, no pun intended. 
Products created specifically to help putting the Bikini on a whole lot easier. 
Unsightly razor bumps, nicks, cuts, redness and irritation begone.

Anti-Bumps Shave Gel Bikini Area preps delicate skin for the perfect shave.
The clear formula guides the razor over delicate skin. Enriched with botanicals,Vitamins A and E and moisture microbeads, Anti-Bumps Shave Gel lubricates skin for a smooth shave. Every time. One less bathing-beauty hassle to worry about.

Medicated After Shave Spray is the Bikini buster. The Topical Analgesic stops redness, irritation and itching fast. Eliminates bumps quick and easy. Super portable, convenient for that next exotic travel getaway. Backpack, passport and triangle strings on hand. Medicated After Shave Spray with soothing Aloe Vera delivers Bump Free confidence, and off you go. Nothing but adventure, fun, sandy beaches, blue skies, sun and ocean. Zero complaints. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

L'Oreal Colour Riche has launched the very sweet,
tantalizing Color me Pink Collection.
Get it while it's hot girls, and do I mean mean sweltering.
Summer is here in full swing.
Pink looks refreshing on any skin tone, an instant breezy pick me up.

Colour Riche Lipstick  Color Me Pink Collection is bright, bold and beautiful. The hydrating, creamy, rich hues are spot on for summer.
I Pink You're Cute, a bubble gum pink compliments blond maidens and fair skin tones. Fresh as a Rose with shimmery hints of red and coral screams blushing bride. I love to use a bold shade on the lip, keeping the face and eyes bare.

"In addition to nourishing ingredients like Omega 3 and Vitamin E, the formula is enriched with Argan Oil to condition and soften lips."

Voluminous Million Lashes in Blackest Black adds maximum volume lashes without messy clumps. Super size million dollar brush. Intensify and accentuate those gorgeous eyes.

I had to step out in 90 degree heat to show off the sublime Color Me Pink Collection Colour Riche le Gloss. The super-hydrating, sheen texture, a girl can't help but get excited. Berry Chic, Rosy Demeanor and Pucker Up Pink's delicate specks of shimmer sunshine brighten the lip and your mood instantly. Pick up one, two or three Color Me Pink shades. Whether a stay at home mommy, bride in training, TV anchor, reality star or celebrity, nothing stands between a girl and her Colour Riche Le Gloss by L'Oreal.

"Colour Riche® Le Gloss is infused with ultra-hydrating Omega 3, protective Vitamin E, and Argan Oil for our richest shine experience yet."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FuNbOw CoLoR

Vacation over, office blahs got you down? 
Hard Candy brightens the mood with a fuNbOw of trend- setting nail color.

Candy Sprinkles reminds me of '66 Convertibles and Drive Ins under the stars. Cotton candy, corn dogs, twist ice-cream with sprinkles on top. Cowboy boots, brass buckles, colored lights and the latest act on the big stage. Yeehaw, the Carnival's back in town. Shades like pixie pink, gummy green, sugar rush in bubbly, delicate pastel shades both chic & fun. Candy Sprinkles celebrates the tween, all grown up.

Crushed Chromes puts the metal to the petal in dazzling, bright chrome shades. Crush on Caribbean teal with micro specks of green glitter brings the ocean to your fingertips and toes smack dab in the middle of the concrete jungle.
Crystal Confetti puts the P in pizazz. Wear the funky shades alone or as a topcoat over Crushed Chrome for the ultimate finishing touch curtain call. With names like fireworks, hip hip hooray, jubilee you can't help but burst into song. The color range is spectacular from green apple to vibrant purple, red & blue, silver and black ice.

Glitteratzi Stand out from the crowd. Dare to be an original. Fire flash, glitter jam, party lights, pixie dust glitter looks fresh and hipster chic. Shades of rose, speckled white, burnt orange and mermaid magic make a statement. Nails always look camera ready.


Itzy Glitz 

Neon nails scream take me back to the '80s. The nostalgia, the electricity, the trailblazing days of Madonna, plastic bangles and neon green fishnet stockings. Only the very bold will go there. I loVe the Itzy Glitz collection. Neon yellow, pink, green and blue. I can't paint my toes fast enough. There's a pretty subtle shade of salmon if you want to take it down a notch. Perhaps paint only your ring finger or toe with a pop of neon color. Go ahead and celebrate life. Embrace the artist that lives in you.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to Nature

Gerovital Plant Essential Moisturizing Cream light formula smooths and
rejuvenates the face. The superior hydrating Plant FORTE Moisturizing Cream is enriched with Phytoceramides to help protect and renew. Super hydrating, fragrance free, non-greasy texture is the perfect prep before every makeup application. European creams, potions and lotions take luxury skincare up a notch.

"The Gerovital-GH3 products Made in Romania are the true legacy of Professor Doctor Ana Aslan. 

The Gerovital Plant FORTE products are fragrance freealcohol free and synthetic colorants free, with a content of over 90% natural ingredients.

The Gerovital Plant FORTE products formulation is the perfect balance between theNatural Plant Extracts (CucumberSt. John's WortLindenLimeHawthorn,ThymeNettleIvy and Horsetail), Tropical Oils (JojobaAvocado), Vitamins (AC,EFB5) and the Active Ingredients (PhytoceramidesPhytosterols, Allantoin, AHA Fruit AcidsCollagenElastinHydroviton and Sodium Hyaluronate)." 

ASLAVITAL Anti-Wrinkle Mineralizing Cream with SPF 15

Eco-certified Goji berri extract and 100 percent Clay kicks some serious butt. Wrinkles beware.
If you can't get away for a Spa Treatment or make a trip to the ancient Mayans where Clay is known for healing properties, no problem. ASLAVITAL comes to you. Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free designed for Sensitive Skin. In the artificial age of plastic, I say we get back to the basics. Everything your skin needs can be found in nature. ASLAVITAL nurtures the planet, body and soul, one Eco friendly client at a time.

" Eco-Certified Goji Berry Extract
100% Natural Clay

The cream has anti-aging and strong anti-oxidant effects, soothing and protecting your skin against pollution and UV radiations.

Product Details: 

It's active ingredients stimulate elastin and collagen production.
It also has a geriatric effect on mature skin, reducing the fine lines and early wrinkles, restoring the elasticity of sensitive wrinkled skin.
It's active ingredients stimulate elastin and collagen production.
It also has a geriatric effect on mature skin, reducing the fine lines and early wrinkles, restoring the elasticity of sensitive wrinkled skin.
PROVEN RESULTS after 28 days. "
  • Wrinkles reduced up to 36.26%

Where wrinkles and aging are concerned, all's fair in love and fine delicacies. An anti-wrinkle balm cream developed exclusively for dry, flaky, lackluster skin. Mature skin the next femme fatale. Anti-Wrinkle Snail Extract and Balm Cream's rich texture feels creamy, moisturizing the even irritated skin. Fight the good fight against aging. Stop the clock, let your luminous skin remain forever young.   

"Why is SNAIL EXTRACT (Poly-Helixan) such a good ingredient for beauty products?
Poly-Helixan is a powerful active natural and ecologic ingredient with miraculous regenerative properties for the skin, obtained from the garden snail (Helix Aspersa) originating in Chile.
Poly-Helixan's composition is high in restorative, complex ingredients: alantoin, proteins, vitamins A, C, E alphahidraxyadicds, mucopolysaccharides,proteolytic enzymes, collagen and elastin.

- different
 studies showed Poly-Helixan has miraculous power in reducing skin’s imperfections occurring in: old acne scars; keloid after surgery, radiotherapy, dermabrasion, laser treatments or chemical burns; skin burns; skin spots, due to aging or sun exposure; deepest wrinkles."