Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mental Health Awareness Month & Sliding Glass Doors

I try to keep my beauty blog, light, fun and frivolous. It's make-up after all, and while it has the power to heal the outside transforming the face, today is about shining light from the inside. If you have ever lived with or lost someone to Mental Illness, you know the horrific wake of shame, sadness, havoc, guilt and despair it wreaks. I have known intimately, many brilliant, glorious, fire blazing, lit from within souls. No one is safe from the crazy, the insidious cancers of the mind. While the media makes Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlie Sheen's Bipolar Illness seem glamorous, I assure you it is not. I stumbled across the non-profit site, Little Episodes through a writer friend. This safe, artistic space is a place to write, where it doesn't matter if the day is grey or electric blue. It's this wicked, cool vibe community, where artistic souls are free to create, art, music, poetry, with no judgement. No beauty editors glaring from the sidelines, no judging your weight, height, looks, no apology necessary. The talent and caliber is sublime. The collective energy feels like some fantastic secret, private and freeing at the same time. It's the new millennium movement, a Kerouac, Rilke, Plath collective for these modern times.
Maybe outer beauty is enough for you, it's not for me. If you're searching for inner beauty too, found through artistic expression, and a world filled with no criticism, Little Episodes is the place for you.
Founder Lucie Barat has brought together a stellar team, published 'known' artists, as well as unpublished talent, created a platform for all voices to be heard. That takes guts and determination. That is beautiful. I applaud LE for all the good they do. Bravo.
I am a proud LE member, a published writer in Brainstorms, part of the LE anthology series. 
As LE expands and grows, they are looking for donations. "No donation is too big or too small." Instead of that drink or dinner out, why not support Mental Health and the LE movement, a life saving cause, and give whatever you can to Little Episodes.
And if you can't contribute, just pass the word on. You never know who's out there listening, eager to help.
Little Episode's Lucie Barat with LE contributor Sadie Frost
                   Image Courtesy of Little Episodes  

Brainstorms, featuring 'Model Behaviour' by Jaqueline Cioffa

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Right Stuff

Bronzer never really goes out of style, just like NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, back in rare form after a long hiatus. So whether you're a Donnie fan or a Joey groupie, there's something out there for everyone. I use bronzer all winter long, but in summer, I like to kick things up a notch. Experimenting with different shades and textures. If I'm going to be on location braving the elements and extreme heat, I might mix a bit of foundation, like Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation  #4 with Fluid Sheer # 8Armani's Fluid Sheer # 8 is not for the light at heart. It's a gorgeous, rich, deep sheen of sexy, luminous color. Two dabs mixed with LSF are all you need for a full glam face. The best part, it looks radiant all day, and well into the night, long after everyone has packed up and gone.

Stila's new and improved Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer is weightless, and packed with sweet ingredients, like ginkgo biloba and chamomile for antioxidant protection. It's sheer, easy to wear. Neither too warm or too yellow, it's a pretty shade of peach. It feels light and wears well on its own. Pop it in your purse and you'll be ready for whatever mystery the day or evening might hold.

Chanel's Soleil Tan de Bronzer is the oddest, cool bronzer by far. It's not a cream, or a gel, and goes on smooth like velvet, drying instantly. It's a favorite among artistes both young and old. I love using it with a brush to contour and sculpt the face, the high cheeks, the nose, the brow and jawline. The color is a pale shade of brown, not muddy or orange with no hint of sparkle. It's the perfect base for fair skin beauties. Whatever your personal favorite, I say get out there and enjoy yourself. Me, I'm a NKOTB Donnie fan. When he break out the 80s moves, it makes me smile. The Beastie Boys are back with a vengeance. Make Some Noise people, break out your sexy, your bronzer and celebrate life!

Image Courtesy Hootan Vahidi Photography
Makeup Jackie Cioffa for


Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life in The Sun

I have been a fan of SkinCeuticals skincare for some time now. They make serious, kick your butt, stellar skincare. Whenever I've used CE Ferulic along with Retinol 0.5, I've been told, "my skin doesn't glow it glistens." I have raved on and on about their products before, but this post is dedicated to Skin Cancer awareness. It's no joke and a deadly disease. SkinCeuticals has joined forces with Melanoma Research Alliance, "One person in the US dies of Melanoma every hour." Those are horrifying statistics, when it's too easy to get yourself checked by a dermatologist, before you become that number. SkinCeuticals has dedicated a Facebook page where you can join the cause, share stories, find important, life saving information and educate yourself. 
Summer is coming quickly, by all means get out and have fun. Lord knows winter has been way too long. Soak up those rays, swim in the ocean, get outside for a run. Remember to apply your sunscreen generously before heading out. SkinCeuticals has a broad spectrum of Sunscreens, sure bets to satisfy everyone. What are you waiting for, click and support.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smack Dab in the World of Kaleidoscope Color

CEW just came out with the finalists for their prestigious beauty award ceremony. The best of the best, voted by the leaders in the beauty industry, la creme De la crop in the cosmetic industry. I glanced through the products and spotted a few of my favorites, and some intriguing new lines, too. 

CEW has launched a new group of finalists, the ever popular and growing Eco lines, including 
Amala, Alterna Haircare, Aveda, Jurlique, Pomega5, Sophyto, Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, The Body Shop, Vapour Organic Beauty, and Yves Rocher. 
A big fan of all things au natural, and good for the environment products. I can't wait to test drive these eco friendly brands. Amala intrigues me, one because I love the name and second because of its 'straight from the root' philosophy.

"Amala skincare enhances natural beauty by embracing the individual and benefiting the world. Amala. In Sanskrit, “most pure.”  "The ancient word Amala has many unique meanings, but it is the harmony of all of them that resonates most with us. We believe that if we love and respect the earth as we would our own mother, nature will give us everything we need to look and feel beautiful."

A big hooray to my friends at Cover Girl. Their Liquiline Blast Eye Liner Pencils made the CEW finalists list. They may not be liquid, but are smooth enough to create a fabulous liquid look, application made easy. The sponge tip makes blending a snap, Liquiline Blast is waterproof, so it stays where you put it. I love all the CG products and use lots of them in my kit. They are already winners hands down, in my book.                                                                                                          

And last but hardly least, ANTHELIOS gets my vote. By La Roche-Posay their sunscreens are beyond amazing.
Anyone who has been to France, is in the biz, or reads the beauty rags knows there is no better, superior sunscreen out there. I was first interested to this cream by my brother, a model and the face of CK ONE for many years. He was  a longtime resident of Paris, and something of a cream junky. I had to chuckle when my 'fancy beauty editor' friends started bringing it back to the states in multiples, the newest discovery. I 'm glad its available stateside, everyone deserves to be protected and pampered. ANTHELIOS, thank you for saving my skin and doing it so delicately. 

ANTHELIOS- CEW has picked the latest Ultra Light Sunscreen 45 for the body. I pick them all.  "Revolutionary ultra-light sunscreen with SPF 45 and Cell-Ox Shield™ for protection down to the cellular level."