Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Long and Short Of It

EverCreme by L'Oreal with Eva Longoria
Hollywood wraps up another frenzied, fun- fashion filled dramatic season. Angie's leg and her bizarre, Oscar strike a pose, the talk about town. NYC fashion week is done, and Europe is winding down. Celebs, models, editors, and industry peeps all happy their hair gets a much need styling break,  from serious damage repair. I didn't see one hairstyle on the carpet or runway that screamed, "Wow factor." Cameron's shag looked fried, dry, brittle, and a bit worn out. Gwyneth's loose, messy pony, I didn't get it. Brad's long strands, too stringy for my taste. What do I know, I'm a makeup artist? So, I asked a famous and favorite hairstylist, (who shall remain nameless) what he thought?
"The hair looked drab, unhealthy, uninteresting. Michelle Williams was stood out. Smart, cropped,  striking blond, paired with a dramatic eye, bold lip and voila, stylish and elegant."

Milan Late '80s, Me

When I modeled with long, virgin locks, I hated the dreaded hair stylist's chair. Every job was sheer torture, blow dryers, flat irons, hair spray, twelve hours in curls, straightened, crimped, it was endless, pulling and prodding a sore head. OK, it was the 80's, big hair ruled fashion. "BASTA, I said, that's enough." I shaved my head, and started fresh. Linda and I, 'the only short hair girls' rocking Paris. 
 Moschino, the Great & Me

EverCreme by Loreal

EverCreme by L'Oreal, an amazing Shampoo and Conditioner makes all the difference. The Sulfate-Free Moisture System is the perfect fix for damaged hair. Natutal Omega 3 & 6 saturate the hair with moisture, leaving it light and not weighted down. EverCreme contains no heavy waxes, triple action hydration and natural botanicals, so your hair is never drab again. Just shiny & healthy. I love Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, it's 100% Paraben and Vegan Free. How cool is that? Treat yourself to EverCreme Deep Nourishing Mask, instantly revitalizing dry, brittle hair.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smart Skincare Year Round

Hampton Sun
February was Awards Season, the stars were out in full force, glam-o-rama. The first thing I look at is their skin, of course. Shining, luminous, glowing skin is always in season. Protecting your skin is the body's first defense against aging. I've been receiving really, cool skincare brands all month. One that stood out is Hampton Sun, as per Armani Beauty's Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn's 'must-have' suggestion. Tim has skin that is always Greek God bronze, radiant and healthy. "Bringing glamour back to Sunbathing, is the motto at Hampton Sun." Their lightweight, clean and natural products, packed with anti-oxidants, Vitamins A through E, Aloe Vera, feel airy and chic when applied to the skin. They have something for everyone, a product to suit every skin shade & type. SPF needs to be worn all year long, not just in summertime.

I especially like Continuous Sunscreen Mist SPF 35. It's water-resistant, provides maximum protection, is hypo-allergenic with both UVA/UVB protection (we all know how important that is with the ozone layer growing). It's oil-free, doesn't feel heavy or clog the skin, and it's great for speed-walking, outdoor sports. Don't forget to protect those sensitive lips. Luxe Sport Lip Balm SPF 30, with Pomegranate and Green Tea, tastes so yummy its hard not to lick off.
If your are super white like me,  and most of my clients are. I like to have them use Sunless Tanning Gel the night before a big event. Streak-free and odorless, it leaves the skin a gorge, dewy bronze. Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Pearl & Bronze, with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamins A & E, and pearlized pigment, leaves the most beautiful, shimmer. The final touch before pictures, apply Serious Shimmer to exposed skin, especially the decollete, arms and shoulders. Celebs love it on the red carpet, but so do my blushing, Spring & Summer brides.
Everyone deserves a bit of Hollywood chic. Hampton Sun, and their luxurious line of smart products, makes sun worshiping safe and fun.
Their new fragrance, the signature scent Privet Bloom is lovely and fresh, not heavy or over-powering. With hints of hyacinth, a blend of lily of the valley, sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and privet blossom, it reminds me of clean scents straight from the sea.

Hampton Sun is smart, serious sunbathing that's chic, glamorous fun.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Clean Skin Has Never Been So Much Fun

Clarisonic Mia
As a makeup artist, when a model or client climbs into my chair early morning, with leftover makeup on, I want to scream. I don't. I calmly remove the grime, sometimes needing heavy duty makeup remover, and get to work. There is nothing worse than an unwashed face, and dull, unhealthy looking skin. That's why, when I received Mia by Clarisonic, I want to shout from the rooftops. Woo-hoo, no more worries, The Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing is here! "A brush that gently washes and effectively cleanses your face at home or on the go." Seriously?!!! It's waterproof and portable. Just hook it to the magnetic charger and off you go. In a speedy sixty seconds, you get a deep, gentle cleanse, that leaves your skin feeling tight and lighter than ever before. Dermatologists love its non-abrasive, super sonic cleansing waves. Bye-bye leftover, sloppy makeup. See ya, bacteria filled wash clothes that don't do the trick, leaving dirt and clogged pores behind. Clarisonic's here to gently loosen dirt and oil, effectively. I'm seriously addicted. My skin looks and feels like a newborn babes bottom. So cool, the brush heads can be changed to suit your skin type. You can personalize your Clarisonic product with "Beauty Mark's" service available at There are awesome Serums, and Cleansers available to meet your skin's needs. I am using the Refreshing Gel Cleanser, paraben free my skin feels squeaky clean. I'm like a kid in a candy store. You can be sure all my clients will be hearing about Clarisonic, and trying it out. No doubt, purchasing their very own. The wave of the future, it won't be long before Clarisonic Super Sonic is in every purse, backpack and carry-on. After a long day at work, subway ride, rush through an airport, or plane trip, treat yourself to a Sonic cleansing. Clarisonic is your perfect, invaluable companion buddy. What are you waiting for? Get polishing. On your way to more beautiful skin, in a mere sixty seconds.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
Sonic Cleansing Benefits

Removes 6X more makeup than manual cleansing

Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother

Cleansing helps products work more effectively

Gentle enough to use twice a day

Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes

Minimizes the appearance of visible pores

"While cleansing is the first step in any skin care ritual, it is often overlooked. Typical manual cleansing can leave behind dirt and oil trapped in pores. This build-up can damage the appearance and health of your skin and keep your skin care products from working like they should.

Used and recommended by spas and dermatologists, Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. Cleaner skin is the first step toward healthier skin. And healthier skin is smoother, more radiant and more beautiful. "

Lady Gaga Courtesy of Clarisonic

During the month of February, Clarisonic is auctioning 15 wonderful, limited edition Clarisonic Hope Mia® Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems, indelibly autographed by world famous celebrities, including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars! Place your bid to win a Mia signed by Colin Firth, Ryan Gosling, Winona Ryder, Lady Gaga, Zoe Saldana and more.
Clarisonic will donate 100% of the total proceeds from the auction to Look Good…Feel Better®, a national public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and thereby manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence. Go to and place the winning bid that will be donated for a greater good. You have the power to take beauty into your own hands with Clarisonic and, at the same time, help empower women with cancer to look their best and regain their self-confidence as they face the challenge of a lifetime.

Buy Pink 
Clarisonic donates a portion of proceeds from every specially designated Pink Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System purchased. How cool is that?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Serious Primpin'

Rhianna Rouge d'Armani 401

L'Oreal Colour Riche Rendevous
It's days before the biggest night of the year in Film. Nominees are getting prepped, scrubbed, peeled, massaged, botoxed, tweezed, hair dyed, mani-pedi quick color changes to match the look. Clarisonic's Super Sonic Cleansing Brush, leaves the skin squeaky clean, gorgeous and ready for makeup application. L'Oreal's Colour Riche nail in Rendevous, a beautiful, bold red would be my first choice, paired with Rouge d'Armani #401. It's a knockout. Red never goes out of style, makes a bold statement.
This is Hollywood, go big or go bust.

Colour Riche Tangerine
"Hello darhling, I'm Mildred Pierce and I don't need a man to survive. Watch me take over the world." Fierce. Colour Riche Tangerine, a bright coral would look pretty on Viola's toes. This week is a whirlwind, a non-stop blurry haze of press, luncheons, gowns, suits, parties and pictures. Lots and lots of pics. Who do the celebs entrust to look their best?

Dressed To Kill
Only the top Hair and Makeup peeps, of course. It takes a village alright. Armani Beauty will be armed and dangerous. Tim Quinn, Celebrity Face Designer extraordinaire with be there, his top products ready & on display, beautifying all his A LIST clients. I'm sure we'll see Rouge d'Armani Lipstick #401 light up the red carpet. A blinding, coral red, 'a must have,' in his bag of tricks. Glenn Close, one of his regulars, always looks elegant, and impeccably made up. Rest assured, the stars are in great hands. Eyes will pop, volumized and plush in Armani Beauty's Dressed To Kill Mascara. "Two coats, top and bottom, please."  To top it off, Tim says, "I'm adding Mary Dolores Hart, a nun and former famous Hollywood starlet from the mid 50's." The documentary  God Is the Bigger Elvis, is a 2012 nominee. Ms. Hart gave up fame for her calling. I say, "May the best nun win and amen Tim."

Armani Designer Lift

Luminous Silk and Designer Lift Foundation are a cannot live without beauty product, for flawless, Oscar worthy complexions. An Armani Foundation devotee, I never leave home with out it. Luminous, glowing, even skin makes any application a snap.

MAC Blush Pink Swoon

Crushed Metallic Pigment
MAC Cosmetics Glam Squad will be out in full force, painting bewitching bevies, about town. Mac's Pink Swoon Blush is the 'right on' shade of pink for any skin tone and every paparazzi picture. The incomparable, stunning 'MC' turned me on to Pink Swoon. Thank you, beautiful lady. Mac Cosmetics Paint Pots are perfect for smoky eyes. Precise application, water-proof crease, lasting from lunch well into the night. Add a bit of Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment, Textile designer Vera Neumann's on top, brilliant colour palette is translated into a limited edition set of four stackable jars. Highlights eyes or skin with a striking colour wave of gold reflective metallic sparkle. 

Elle MacPherson by Troy Jensen
for Revlon
Be on the lookout for in demand makeup man, Troy Jensen. His Golden Goddess look on Elle MacPherson at the Globe's was 'to die for.' The Sunset Tower, Beverly Hilton, and the Chateau will leave your head spinning with celeb sightings.The soiree lists endless, Elton John's Viewing Party, Women in Film, Paramount, Vanity Fair, Essence's Black Women in Film Luncheon. The bashes, suites, gift bags, Moet, the glitz, the glamour, and schmoozing, happening all week. In Hollywood, beauty and brawn rules. Don't forget the bod. Hampton Sun's Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Pearl & Bronze misted over the decollete, arms, legs, and bare skin, you can bet you'll look like a million bucks. Just maybe baby, you'll walk off into the sunset with a coveted, golden statuette. I can't wait. Oscar week in
La La land, is where the cool kids hang out, and the hottest ticket in town.
Revlon Colorburst Orchid

PhotoReady Sculpting Blush
in Pink

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Hear It For The Boys

Ahava Men
Ahava, the Active DEADSEA Mineral Skincare line has just introduced a line for men. Boys' skin needs to be pampered and cared for too. Ahava Men provides both face and body care products specifically formulated to care for the needs and metabolism of a man’s skin. The entire line is powered by Osmoter™, Ahava’s balanced concentrate of active Dead Sea minerals, as well as natural plant extracts that are ideal for soothing, toning, repairing and protecting male skin. "Introducing G-Force: Exclusively in Ahava for Men Products :Ginger Root: stimulates circulation and regulates skin’s moisture levels. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: prevents premature aging, detoxifies, and reduces skin inflammation. Ginseng Root: enhances hydration and induces skin cell regeneration."
I sent Ahava'S TIME TO ENERGIZE Soothing After-Shave Moisturizer to a Calvin Klein model (and my brother) to try out. He loved it. The smell, the texture, the antibacterial properties. He said, "his skin felt smooth after- shave and looked great all day." Trust me, guys care about skincare just as much as us girls.
In fact, he liked Ahava Time To Energize so much, he picked up Men's Age Control Moisturizing Cream SPF 15.
The super light cream is packed with antioxidants to firm, hydrate and prevent signs of aging. It protects against sun damage, too. It smells fresh and manly, not the least bit like a heavy,overbearing perfume. Ahava for Men is clean and cool, and good for the skin. "Antioxidants help prevent premature aging brought on by environmental stress - sun, smoke, pollution, stress."

Maybe now he'll quit swiping my Ahava beauty products.
I'm a big fan of the entire line, but I love Ahava's 
Time To Smooth Age Control All Day Moisturizer SPF 15.
"Powered by Dead Sea minerals, Dunaliella algae and date palm extract, it hydrates my skin and protects it from sun damage. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to smooth and fade."
I like to switch up my skincare, try different creams. The skin tends to get used to the same old routine. So every six months or so, I change it up. I always go back to Ahava. It's a win-win. I know my skin will feel amazing, look younger and that's good enough for me. Now thanks to Ahava Men, all the guy's in your life can look great, too.

Be sure and check out The New EXTREME FIRMING EYE CREAM. It's good for both you and the men in your life.
"A patented combination of natural ingredients creates a revolution in anti-aging skincare for the eyes. Powered by the Extreme Complex from the highest and lowest points on earth, and introducing Red Algae's protective properties, Extreme Firming Eye Cream helps reduce wrinkles, significantly firms the delicate skin around the eyes, and improves skin's elasticity, providing a glowing, youthful and more lifted appearance."

If you can't get to the DEADSEA to be pampered, treat yourself to a little bit of heaven at home. Ahava, your own personal Spa skincare that delivers.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Leti-Kat Sensible Chic Recycled


I don't normally post about fashion, but when I saw the super, cool, luxury hats my friend was designing, I couldn't resist. I've known Kathy Stover, since our modeling days in Miami, and have been impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit. The fact that she's drop dead gorgeous, smart, funny, yet she blissfully unaware of her beauty gained my respect. No diva-like behavior. You see, most models forget they have a shelf life, too busy jetting around in private planes, or off to some exotic island for some fabulous shoot. Like star athletes, they WILL be replaced. I remember sitting on a bench waiting for a cattle call, chatting, about her trying makeup, or being in Chicago, talking about the launch of a kid's clothing line and her enthusiasm, a new mom herself. Kathy is adventurous, versatile, an artist, with interests in fashion, photography and encaustic painting. Never one to brag, she's laid-back, down to earth, yet passionate and driven. I have no doubt her line of recycled cashmere hats, Leti-Kat will be a huge success. Kathy has teamed up with friend & business partner, Leticia Grendene on this new, groovy endeavor. Leticia is a super successful model, co-owns the restaurant Casa Tua, in Miami and Aspen. She was instrumental in creating the vibe, esthetics and decor of the restaurant. Leticia brings her luxe style, extensive travel history and elegant fashion sense to the line. Hats are meant to fun, they're funky, they say so much about an individual. They're interchangeable, dressy or casual to fit the day, and frame the face. Perfect for the slopes, a red carpet night out, or a run to the store. Leti- Kat fits your unique spirit. Cozy, comfortable and fun. Watch out Shark Tank , this duo is coming your way. Leti-Kat, one of a kind Eco friendly hats, from two gorgeous gals with brains to boot. These girls got style and a killer product. "Leti-Kat, from ski hats to hang out hats" the next wow trend in head gear.
"Leti- Kat is a smart, chic line of recycled cashmere, one of a kind hats. They currently have six different styles for men and women ranging from ski hats to hats that one can just hang out and not just be comfortable, but also look cool in. Kathy and Leticia draw their inspiration from knowing that people want something unique, that sets them apart. They like the idea of making a beautiful luxury item from re-envisioning and repurposing what currently exists. ³It seems modern and in keeping with the times to make something that satisfies our desire for esthetics and also is environmentally friendly and made right here in Aspen, says Kathy. Leticia often travels to NYC modeling the latest fashions and then brings her chic sensibility to Leti-Kat."                                                     
CHECK OUT LETI-KAT on FaceBook  for Styles & Pics

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty with Meaning

When one thinks of Cindy Crawford, what's the first thought comes to mind? Natural beauty, timeless, ageless, amazing, glowing beautiful skin. When I was sent Meaningful Beauty in December for review, I had my doubts. Another line by a model turned beauty entrepreneur? "Meaningful Beauty was formulated by the renowned anti-aging specialist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, using breakthrough products." Cindy has been using Dr. Sebagh's products since first introduced in Paris 15 years ago. It's affordable. Hey, if it'll help skin look younger skin, I'll give it a go.

Creme de Serum protects and restores the skin. I love the twist, product packaging, Creme de Serum. "The active ingredients are suspended separately until the moment they are released. Super- antioxidant melon complex, special peptides and hyaluronic acid in one unique system." It reminds me of a vanilla and chocolate twist, only better! It's good for the skin.

Recently featured on as an Editor's Pick, I'm all in.
"If the change in season has made your complexion a bit lackluster, this turbo-charged serum might help you get your glow back. Packed with potent ingredients like antioxidant melon complex, peptides and hyaluronic acid, the creamy potion minimizes the look of fine lines while hydrating parched skin."    

The starter kit comes with 5 products to achieve a healthy glow.
Dewy, smooth skin just days away? Ok, you peaked my interest.
Skin Softening Cleanser, Antioxidant Day Creme SPF20,
Creme de Serum, Lifting Eye Cream- Advanced Formula, Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck treatment SPF15, and two bonus gifts.
Gylcolic Treatment pads and Glowing Serum.  

Cindy brings her twenty year plus, expert beauty knowledge. She shares her Meaningful Beauty secrets en mass. I always liked Cindy, she's a class act. Hey, if we can look that good in our forties, where do I sign up? Beauty is meaningful, only while making a positive impact.,,20182973,00.html#21082386


Monday, February 13, 2012

COVERGIRL Products and Pat McGrath Stormin' The Gates - Spring/Summer Runway Season

It's Fashion Week in NY, and the natives are restless. Editors, Makeup and Hair teams, Phot- togs, Designers, interns run around like madmen. It's backstage chaos, pure and simple. When the Celebs finally take their seat, front and center, it's time to cue the music. Models strut down the runway in the latest wears, Hair and Makeup trends, owning the catwalk. The spectacle all lit up, reminds me of the circus sans Elephants. When everything comes together, its magic. A stellar Press review can make or break a Designer, even Hair and Makeup brands.

Unless, of course your name is Pat. Pat McGrath. She remains the beauty Czar of the beauty biz, calm, cool and collected. Much like Gisele or Naomi at the height of their fame, she's the cat's meow. When CG sent me the new SPRING/ SUMMER 2012 Fashion Week Runway Collection created and inspired with Pat, I was ecstatic. This is the Mac Daddy of exciting new product for Spring. Seriously, the clear bag was HUGE, filled with a gazillion products. Packaged in a very cool and useful, CG MAKEUP BAG it keeps the CG pieces neatly in place. Here's a breakdown of some of CG's Spring/ Summer 2012 Fashion Runway Week products. Pat used to create visions extraordinaire.

"At Stella McCartney, healthy flawless skin exuded a sporty confidence that matched the casual elegance of the collection."     

To get the look, try CoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab, combines foundation and a hydrating serum that blends effortlessly. It feels like air and looks flawless on the skin. Even helps improve skin tone. With Pat behind the blending wheel, there is a spot-on shade for everyone.

"At Loius Vuitton, the beauty look was flawless sculpted skin offset with fluttery full lashes, inspired by ladylike femininity and doll-like innocence."
To get the look, try CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara. It delivers thick, bold, full lashes. Intense volume that lasts up to 24HRS. Go bold or go bust. With shades like enduring black, blue black, black gold and black brown, everyone is a winner.
Offset by Lip Perfection in Delish, it was perfect model symmetry, a smoldering eye and a subtle lip.

CG BlastFlipstick may be my new favorite lip product. One matte shade and one complimentary shimmer lets you be the artist for a day. Flashy, a bold violet/ lilac combo recreates Pat's blended Yohji lip Spring 2012.
Yohji Spring 2012

Sophia Vergara for Cover Girl

CG's BlastFlipstick, one matte shae, one shimmer is hot, hot, hot for the runway & the red carpet. I Like Tease, a red stunner paired with a flashy gold, a bold shade Sophia might wear.

Some fun, fantastic new Spring/ Summer CG products just because it's Fashion week, Award season and every day is a good day to look like a supermodel, feel like a million bucks.  

It's February and us girls deserve a little Spring in our step and some pretty, fresh CoverGirl color on the face.

CG's LipPerfection Lipcolor 
Super moist, cool packaging, your lips will feel smoother in seven days. Love that. The colors are right on, Sultry a mauve pink is a no brainer. LipPerfection Lipcolor is the smart Valentine's day gift. Treat yourself, you never know whose lips you might be kissing.

Then there's the one & only, the original QUEEN. The lovely, confident, super sexy, talented Queen Latifah. So regal, so stunning, a CG spokesperson. CoverGirl developed  The Queen Collection. The new Lasting Matte Powder is suited for sensitive skin and the shades look radiant on darker skin tones. The long lasting matte powder tones down the shine, without leaving the skin looking ashy. The bronzer, an InStyle Best Beauty Buy 2011 favorite.

Queen Latifah & CoverGirl

CG Queen Collection Lip Color Moist shades for darker skin tones. I would use Spicy Seduction, Coffee Break and Nude Attitude anytime. I love a good neutral with an attitude.

For the Lash Fanatic in you, check out CG Queen Collection's waterproof, voluminzing mascara by the same name.
The Lash Surround Brush makes sure each and every lash is hit with the maximum amount of product.

CoverGirl's Queen Vivid Impact Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge proof and long-lasting. In a range of deep shades with a slanted blendable tip, it's perfect for creating sexy, smoky eyes. I watched Pat create a smokey eye with one pencil & a few strokes. Genius. I like Truffle, a rich, rusty brown and Gilt, a shimmering gold with a hint of green.

"Pat McGrath's visionary makeup looks are a favorite among today’s top designers, models, and celebrities. She creates exquisite beauty looks for more than 25 catwalks every season, including Dolce & Gabbana, PRADA, Lanvin, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney.
In 2004, Pat became Procter & Gamble's Global Creative Design Director. She leads the cosmetic division's creative design and development, bringing fashion-forward runway looks to the masses."

Pat McGrath

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Master of Flawless Faces

Tim Quinn

Celebrity Face Designer
and National Director of Creative Artistry Giorgio Armani Beauty

I met Tim in 2001, at the very start of the Armani Beauty, US launch. I had returned from Milan after two decades working as a model. For a time, I had the privilege of being an Armani girl, walking the runway, doing press & magazine work, posing for the Armani Exchange campaign in the states. My picture got scrapped. I was half naked, it was too racy for the 90's, I suppose. I consider walking the runway for Mr. Armani one of the highlights of my career. You see, I really couldn't walk, so I faked it. And prayed no one would notice. No one did, I retired a champion achieving my goals. Let's face it, I was pushing thirty. It was time for a new career, a new strategy.
When I heard about the Armani Beauty launch, I brazenly got an interview to work as a makeup artist. We had to do MU tests. A novice, I was nervous. Tim was there, helping, smiling and rooting me on. He knew how green I was, but took a chance. As the years went by, I watched and learned. I would get better, and he was always ready to offer advice, lend a hand. 
Tim would become a household name in the beauty biz, and a force to be reckoned with. Forget his masterful eye and talent, the flawless, effortless, glowing faces he creates. I am most impressed with his good nature, manners and ease with his clients. He chats while doing an application, and one can't help but fall under his spell. He never gets rattled, he's fun, sophisticated and charming. The celebrities, and editors LOVE him. His A LIST beauty clientele is far too long to mention. When I reached out to him to see what he's up to, this busy award season, he responded immediately via email, and ARMANI BEAUTY products arrived on my doorstep the next day.

Here's a breakdown of just a week in the life of the jet set artist.

Designer Lift Foundation

Rouge Lip #401
Tim used Armani Beauty's Designer Lift Foundation on Calista Flockart at the Globes. His 'must haves' this busy time include Eyes To Kill, lash stretching mascara. Rouge Lipstick in  #401 is a striking burnt red, that looks glam on any skin tone. So very chic, it has a magnet snap closure, with the signature logo right on the product. Perfect to carry in your clutch, for a Celebrity worthy touch up, it's to die for. 

Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara

Some non Armani products Tim loves, (Every great makeup artist has a few 'other' favorite Brand pieces)  make this hectic time easier, and applications a snap. Tim likes Clarisonic Cleasing Brush, "I won't leave home without it." Tammy Fender Recovery Cream, he suggests using it post parties and for those long flights zipping around the country. Sigma Makeup brush set is lovely, and a super great value. Hampton Sun Bronze, " a serious shimmer to add on the body post foundation touch up." Yes, great artistes makes sure every bit of exposed skin is flawless. I like MAC's Face & Body, it's great for the legs, chest, and back. I learned the trick from a PRO, a friend, a gentleman and a scholar. I studied the master at work, and learned many invaluable lessons on life and beauty. And laughed, a lot. Beauty has never been so fun, when you're lucky enough to spend the day getting primped & pretty with Tim.
Hampton Sun Bronze

Sigma Brush Kit

- "After training in Milan alongside the world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, Tim Quinn joined the Giorgio Armani Beauty team with the launch of the brand in August 2001. His myriad experience as an artist includes work in TV, print, and film.
As the U.S. front man for Giorgio Armani Beauty, Tim has traveled internationally hosting special events to promote the cosmetics line. His words of wisdom have graced the pages of W, Elle, Glamour, Lucky, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. Tim has been featured as one of the "25 Beauty Stars" in W Magazine and has made a presence backstage at several award shows including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the ESPYs. In addition, Tim has been featured numerous times on television programs such as the Today Show, Extra and E! Entertainment.
Tim has worked with celebrities such as Glenn Close, Debra Messing, Kim Cattrall, Tara Reid, Gwen Stefani, Jordana Brewster, Kate Bosworth. "