Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Be or Not to Be? Made Up.

Garden of Zen
A new study just came out on women who wear makeup, appearing more confident.
What's your take on this? I love makeup, smokey eyes, false lashes, and a sizzlin' hot, glossy lip.
At home, I rarely wear it. I'd rather be outside, digging' in the dirt, planting bulbs, looking forward to Spring. I turned in my power suit to Diane Sawyer, Oprah and all those awesome, working women I so admire. But, not my cosmetics kit. Not quite yet.
I stopped painting my face when my dog decided to lick it. Incessantly. 
I always wear makeup at work, or a night on the town. It makes me feel pretty, polished, empowered and yes, even smart. As someone who made their living as a 'model', I wore a painted face, my image plastered on billboards from Milan to Paris. I always felt like a kid, playing dress up. Today, I love to get my hands filthy, dirty in the earth. Planting my Zen Garden in mud and water, without a stitch of makeup. I feel more me, more alive in my skin than I ever remember. So while I will always say, YES to MAKEUP, I say hello to a new me. A work in progress, a blossoming one.

Oct 3, 2011 6:40pm by Ben Forer

Study: Makeup Makes

Women Appear More 

Competent – Do You Agree?

"Makeup makes women appear more attractive and competent according to a new study by a team comprised of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston University and Proctor & Gamble.
The research reveals that when viewers saw a female face for 250 milliseconds, women who wore color cosmetics rated more highly in the categories of attractiveness, competence, likability and trustworthiness. However, when participants were allowed to look at the faces for a longer period of time, while the ratings for competence and attractiveness stayed the same, the ratings for likability and trustworthiness changed based on specific makeup looks.
Which face do you find most competent? Face 1 is on the left."