Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Light Shines Bright

Armani Beauty Spring Collection 2012 is so fresh, it reminds me of an exquisite, perfumed floral bouquet. Hyacinths, Daffodils and Tulips come out of hiding in pastel shades of pinks, greens and lavender. Armani Beauty Spring Collection Eye Palette # 1 with hues of pearl violet, jade green, sheer gold and greige, is "modern couture," complimentary colour at its best. The Limited Edition Eye Palette, with “Luce d’oro" pigment gives off a radiant shine, illuminating the whole face. Versatile, and super wearable, apply sheer gold or subtle yellow to the inner corners of the eyelid, complimenting the violet and jade shades.
Try sheer gold or greige alone, paired with Eyes To Kill Mascara, for a sexy-sweet look, en tandem. 
I've never been an artist who needs to stick to 'the makeup rules.'
A light eye must be worn with dark lip and vice versa. Phooey.
Sometimes, it's fun to pair a soft eye with a pale lip. Harmonious perfection. Gloss d’Armani lip gloss, Spring 2012 in Beige, is pearly pigmented, and beautifully understated. Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil #04, Spring 2012 limited edition is a creamy, delicious antique gold. So rich with pigment and water resistant, it can be worn all day, on the entire lid. Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil, #06 is a stunning copper, metallic shimmer. So pretty, I almost want to keep it a secret. A well known makeup artist's trick, apply gold eyeliner to the lip, directly over Cupid's bow, creating light and definition. "Metallic definition in a wave of light." Armani Beauty never fails to mesh elegance and modern together, keeping up with times while bringing sophistication along.