Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Food for Thought

Image Marilyn Minter
I have been blessed to meet some amazing, industry leaders in fashion and beauty over the years. Some clients, co-workers, and others friends. Beauty and Fashion can be a harsh reality, even mean-spirited at times. I hang onto the precious few, the movers and shakers who make a positive impact. The people that make beauty fun, maintaining dignity, savvy and humor. They make all the difference. I am proud of their huge accomplishments. When I need some beauty inspiration, the latest trends, I turn to the leaders for tips. I am inspired and rejuvenated all over again. There are too many to name and thank. Abby G., Amy F., Gwen F., Tim Q., Celine K., Sarah H.B., Emily S., Beth D. They know who they are. I am proud to call them colleagues and friends. They've allowed us to dream big, aim high, do better, be smarter, and set stellar examples for the next generation of Fashionistas. Beauty may fade, but true beauty never burns out.

Us Weekly's Gwen Flamberg
Ms. Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director at Us Weekly, was recently featured on Vh1's Morning Buzz Live, talking about 'Super foods.' I am a true believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle from the inside, out. What you put in your body matters. Gwen talks about some yummy Superfoods, packed with anti-oxidants, anxiety releasers and lots of colorful delights. Detox the body, replenish with healthy alternatives and smile straight from the heart. Try it, trust me others will smile right back. Happiness and confidence are pretty & infectious. Glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and a smile light up any room.

Watch Us Weekly's Ms. Gwen Flamberg on Vh1 Sharing Superfoods.
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