Friday, June 14, 2013

Sexy Beast

It's official.
Marc Jacobs’s beauty line is coming to Sephora. Thanks WWD for the teaser. You can be sure the collection will be anything but boring. Beauty-nistas, Publicists, and Beauty Editors will be watching. Mr. Jacob has quite the devoted Celebrity following. The oh so chic makeup artiste to the stars, Troy Jensen gives Marc Jacob Beauty a shout out on Facebook.
The color cosmetics line launches August 9 at Sephora and Marc Jacobs stores. The weekend of July 19 Sephora will debut a sample of the line. Five products premiere the glam to come.

A whopping 122 different products in four categories: Smart Complexion -foundation, concealer, powder. 
Blacquer eye liner, lash lifter, gel crayon Hi-Per Color eye products, lip products, nail polish. 
Boy Tested Girl Approved, unisex products including lip balm, brow tamer, and concealer.

Seriously, can August get here fast enough