Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's not Forget the Face

I am no longer a young girl. I am a lady of a certain age and need a bit of help. While I am not a fan of the knife, or injecting poison into my face, I have been known to try a few dozen potions from time to time. Right now, I 'm digging SkinCeuticals. Their moisturizers, serums, gels and correction creams rock. The C E FERULIC Serum contains a knockout combination of powerful antioxidants. Allure magazine liked it enough to award it the Allure Best of Beauty Editors' Choice Award 3 times!!! Trust me, those editors know their stuff, they test drive every beauty product on the market.
I have also been known to bake in the sun, for hours. I love a sandy beach, the salt water on your skin, the way the sun makes you feel. Yes, I have done damage. I am using SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 to reduce some of the age spots and wrinkles on my face. I love it, it's ultra light, silky smooth and leaves me looking and feeling like a teenager. I'm smiling a lot more. I always say confidence and a smile are a women's best defense.