Thursday, October 28, 2010

All in a Day's Work

I admit it. I assist, but only if I like the artist I'll be schlepping for. Twenty years in fashion has granted me this wee bit of freedom. When I got the call to assist a famous makeup artist with Peter Lindbergh, I did not walk, but ran to the studio. Peter is one of my all time favorites. A master of black and white, and a gentleman and a scholar, he was nice to all. That is the true test of a seasoned pro, they make the whole the team feel important. There must have been 20 people on set and everyone was treated with respect. A lot of 'top photographers of the moment' speak through their handlers, never acknowledging the lowly assistants. That's just bad manners and low self-esteem in my book. Imagine my delight, when Robin Wright walked in. Trying to stay focused, I kept pinching myself. I am a fan and from time to time still get star struck. Robin is stunning, and a unique, brave, ballsy actress. Her skin is flawless, without a stitch of makeup. Even sick, (she had a flu) she was courteous and ready to get down to business. The makeup was kept to a minimum, the skin was left bare without a hint of foundation. A soft, brown eye pencil (similar to Helena Rubinstein's #o2 Soft Brown) was applied to the crease and blended in.The subtlest hint of liner was dabbed directly between the top lash line. That was it. Every so often, the rare individual comes along who doesn't need a lot of primping. Their radiant, star quality shines bright from within. Robin has that in spades, lighting up the room, the camera and the stage.