Friday, November 19, 2010

Lucky Like That

I learned about beauty and makeup at a very naive, young age. At 19, I boldly went off to Milan and Paris, to work as a model in the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to have my face painted by the masters. Pat McGrath, Fulvia Farofli and Diego della Palma, to name a few. And then there were the gentile artists of photography, Giovanni Gastel,  Ferri Fabrizio, Toni Thorimbert, and Aldo Fallai were among the favorites. I sat up straight and paid attention to detail. I said please and thank you, and just like that 17 years were gone in a flash. I never picked makeup as a career, it picked me. When Fulvia took one Shu Uemura cool, berry tone lipstick, and used it on my eyes and cheek, I was hooked. It looked sexy, and exotic and deliciously wet. When I started assisting the divine Stephane Marais and watched him create three dimensional eyes with one pencil, I was amazed. I started developing my own style. I love all things creamy on the face, lips, eyes, and cheeks. Nars Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Cayenne, is a deep brown, spicy, cream shadow that is hot, and mysterious. In all those years, I learned something important, and vital to whom I am. Makeup is best worn with confidence, and that comes with time, patience and practice.   photography