Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MJ Herbals

I have been dabbling in aromatherapy with makeup applications for years. I never leaving home without a few tried and true essential oils. A few drops of lavender on the temples, soothes even the most stressed out client, and says bye bye anxiety, hello peace and serenity. Even when I have the occasional, "high maintenance" celeb in the chair, they melt instantly, relaxing and softening the face. It's a great way to start an application, and makes the process more pleasant. A few drops of spearmint under the nose works wonders in sticky, smelly situations. Need an instant pick me up? Spearmint does the trick.
I stumbled upon MJ Herbals Salves in NYC at a vitamin shop in the West Village. They are all-natural, organic and beyond heavenly. The First Aid Salve cures minor bumps and cuts, leaving the skin velvety smooth. The Lavender E Salve with Vitamin E, (oh joy!) relieves burns, headaches, stress and anxiety. It's great for rashes and bumps on the body. I like to apply a tiny dab to the face before moisturizer, leaving the skin soft, radiant and dewy.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup