Thursday, November 10, 2011

All That Shines Bright

Eye Def
Gleaming, glorious, glitterati.
Hard Candy’s new Eye Def glitter eyeshadow is the perfect texture and amount of sheen. It’s extra long brush makes for breezy application. I like to apply it to the back of my hand first, then pat onto the lid. Eye Def dries super fast. I especially love, What Sandy Says Goes. A pretty champagne color with specks of gold. It's great for day or night, layering well with other colors. I like it alone or with falsies and a nude lip for day. Spice up the glittery eye with a dark lip for night. Eye Def is so pretty go ahead and play, you can't go wrong. 

World Balmination Glossy Tinted Lip Balm

Chapped, dry lips be gone. World Balmination glosses are here. They glide on smooth, leaving lips supple and moist, but not sticky. Made with Shea butter, coconut oil and mango, they are right on time for winter. The tinted gloss comes in eight shades and flavors. The balm is thick enough that the tube won't break while applying. The new graphic designs are super cute, hello loving the skull. Lovestruck is a pretty pink shade that leaves a slight hint of color on the lip. I'm addicted to First Frost. It's colorless, and great for prepping the lip, right before an application. Those nasty cracks and crevices disappear instantly.

Lash Tinsel 
Glitter mascara
Last but not least, top off  Eye Def with a swipe of Glitter mascara. Apply a volumizing black mascara first, as the glitter specks are fine and adhere better. Add a top coat of Lash Tinsel to the lash in purple, blue, pink, gold, or whatever tickles your fancy. It's shimmery fun for a night out or holiday party.