Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glide On By

MAC Cosmetics has gone big and bold for Holiday. They have not one, two but more collections launching over the season. I can't wait to see what fabulous products MAC has in store for us. Inside and out, amazing. 

I received Glitter and Ice. It's a WHOPPING 34 piece collection filled with Paint Pots, Mineralize Eye Shadows, Powders, Lipsticks, Nails, Dazzleglasses, and Technakohl Eye Liners. The packaging is too cool, crisp silver and white. The line is modeled by skater extraordinaire, Johnny Weir. Sequins, spins, twirls, Glitter & Ice is mesmerizing makeup. It's Ice Capades all grown up. I don't even mind the cold, with all these dazzling shades and colors to play with.
Paint Pots are divine, not too creamy to slide, not too thick. For Effect is a shimmery black base, with multi-specks of gray & silver, it can be applied heavy on the eye for a gunmetal look or swept delicately for a beautiful wash of gray, a softer application. The texture allows you to create just the right look. 
Mineralize Eye Shadows in its white packaging and swirls of cool color, looks like the moon and frost by night. Shimmermint and Frozen Blue pigments look lovely applied delicately to the lid in a wash of pearly, subtle green and blue.
What Joy! Satin Lipstick is a deep burgundy. In it's sleek white case, it's the wicked shade for when you feel a little vampy and don't have a lot of time for a full face. Lipstick, Mascara and off you go. It reminds me of a shade The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo might wearThe Swedish version of course. :) A little mysterious, sexy cool, motorcycle lover, frozen on ice. 
Johnny Weir for Glitter and Ice