Saturday, October 13, 2012

Takin' It To The Streets

Leaf on StyleHaul takes it to the streets during Fashion Week.
Will becauseI'maddicted blogger Geri Hirsch be a trendsetter or a style watcher?
Will she get noticed, with bold prints, funky fashion choices, and put together, killer outfits.
She's young, pretty and hip. Why not take chances and risks with Fashion?
I love the bold, mustard print ensemble, the elegant (not so easy to wear black jumpsuit) paired with a stark, turquoise collar necklace and killer heels. Me? I'm a Frye boot wearing, black jean, tank top, Chrome Hearts girl. I admire Geri's whimsical, edgy style. Does the Street Style Photographer eventually get Geri's pic? You bet he does. Ah, paparazzi livin' 24 seven.