Friday, December 28, 2012

Quiet Inspiration

MAC Fashion Week: Key Artist Trends with Kabuki

Every so often an artist comes along, with raw, creative talent, quiet elegance and
supreme confidence. Those are my favorite kind. Kabuki's fame in the world of Fashion and Beauty,
needs only one name. Watch the video, Fashion Week is extreme chaos, stress, heightened energy,
it's no fun. I've worked backstage, with MAC Cosmetics on hundreds of shows, interviewing lead artists. They set the tone. Kabuki may be in the eye of the storm, yet he remains calm,
cool and collected. MAC Cosmetics pushes the envelope, 21st century makeup, trending, reinvention and fresh ideas, season after season.

Kabuki Beauty
Kabuki Katy Perry

I've been lucky to work and learn from the MU gurus.
Tim Quinn, and Stephane Marais, among my favorites.
They, like Kabuki are in a class all their own.
If makeup is your dream, develop a style that
sets you apart, and get ready to pay your dues.
Once you have learned technique, creativity knows no bounds.
As the masters would say, "practice, practice, practice, and push the envelope."
Kabuki creates ethereal beauty, three dimensional art.

Kabuki Gaga

"Kabuki hails from the north of England. With inspiration from his friendship with famed illustrator Errol Le Cain, Kabuki was already an accomplished artist by his teens. He landed his first job in New York as a textile designer but it was his unique flair for outlandish dress and make-up that led him to the then-flourishing NYC club scene. This in turn led to modeling on European runways for Thierry Mugler and performing in the downtown troupe Black Lips. When stylist/designer Patricia Field was scouting for talent for HBO’s Sex and the City, she brought Kabuki onto the show to establish the make-up looks for Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis."

73 Drawings by Kabuki
edited by Chuck Fiorello