Sunday, December 16, 2012

Short and Oh So Sweet

On the 8th day before Christmas, Hard Candy's Take Me Out Eyeliner set, came to me. The ultimate stocking stuffer, its a guaranteed winner.
Take Me Out Eyeliner set comes with 6 mini liners in limited edition shades, and its own pencil sharpener.
Too cute to be true. At $5.00, how can you pass it up?
Hard Candy's Take Me Out Eyeliner set saves the day, making my Xmas shopping list, a whole lot easier.

Take Me Out Eyeliner set, goes on smooth and stays put. Quality liner made affordable, pick up a set for all the lucky ladies on your list. Too good to be true, the Holiday stocking stuffer says, dress my eyes up in bright, shiny color. Festive shades, in hues of silver, purple, golden-green and electric blue. Nothing lights up the eye, and the spirit like twinkling shades of happy color.

Stocking stuffer extraordinaire!