Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Down Home Beauty

Aw, shucks. Everyone is smokin', sizzlin,' sexy, hot on Nashville. Down home country beauty, big hair and sequins never looked this good. I haven't met the beauty Miss Panettiere, but the gorgeous, lovely Connie Britton is a client. I'm a fan of country and all things Nashville. Neutrogena teaming up with Hayden, makes smart, clean sense.

Neutrogena has teamed up with the stunning, flawless Hayden Panettiere's, character Juliette Barnes. Neutrogena Brand Ambassador Hayden Panettiere, ABC's Nashville devilish darlin', takes you behind the scenes. 'How to videos' help create stunning makeup, ready for your Country close-up.

Lead Nashville make-up Artist, Erin Koplow walks you through the different looks. It;'s fabulous MU application, step by step. 

Courtesy ABC

Everyday Glow
Everyday Glow, a sexy bronze, flawless glow, is clean and pretty. Everyday Glow looks fresh on and off-set. Start with a great base. Neutrogena's lightweight, Healthy Skin Compact Makeup with SPF #55, blends flawlessly for radiant skin that looks great throughout the day, while protecting against damaging sun rays. Erin applied Healthy Skin Blends Sun kissed bronzer to the face for a sun kissed glow. Erin's tip: apply bronzer to the eyelid, pulls together the whole look. A few coats of Healthy Volume Mascara, start at the base and wiggle your way up the lid. Instant sexy eye gratification.  MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Juicy Peach on the lip, adds shine and shimmer. There you have it, like mama says, "keep it simple." With four easy steps.

Professionally Polished 

Courtesy ABC
Hayden's character, Juliette Barnes likes a confident, polished look. Erin stepped up Hayden's makeup creating more depth and dimension, while maintaining a healthy glow. Erin applied Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with a brush, upward strokes evening out the skin for a luminous finishHealthy Skin Blends Sun kissed dusted on the cheeks, forehead, for the star that your are. Crease Proof Eye Shadow in Perfect Pink, sheer color with a hint of sparkle swept across the lash line and into the lid, looks fresh even after a twelve hour day. Nourishing Eye Liner, along the waterline (Thanks, Erin! for the awesome application description) brings attention to the eye, creating a sexy, confident look. Healthy Lengths Mascara creates length and its healthy. What more could a gal ask for. When going for a 'big-girl' eye, add a few extra coats. Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20, a blushing rose shade. Oh, Nashville this girl looks mighty purty.

Show Time

Courtesy ABC
A great makeup artist knows when to adjust her tools, like any great artist.
Show Time, or the Stage, TV, Film, Editorial require different makeup products to look diva delish. Erin is a pro. She took us through Hayden's different character looks effortlessly. Show Time, Hayden 's Juliette gets to GLAM it up. Pull out all the stops, while managing to look fresh and pretty. The hot lights require an awesome primer. Neutrogena's Shine Control Primer doesn't crack, leaving the skin prepped and ready for your close-up. Shine Control Liquid Makeup is breathable foundation. Buildable, matte coverage, feels light under pressure. Go ahead and get dramatic, Healthy Volume Mascara in Carbon Black creates the IT factor. I might go with waterproof, just to be foul proof. Rim the eyes with Nourishing Eye Liner, and blend. Luscious lips, bronzer and voila. Erin Koplow, you rock. Thanks for your tips and tricks. See you at the rodeo.

Check out  the Neutrogena - Hayden Panittere's makeup tutorials, and recreate the smashing looks:

Thank you Neutrogena, Nashville and Ambassador, Hayden Panettiere.