Friday, July 19, 2013

Stay Calm and Carry On

There isn't a woman I've met; supermodel, skinny, curvy, young or old that relishes donning a bikini.
A groan and gripe over some body part can be heard near and far. 
Sweltering temperatures don't help with silky smooth, bronze goddess skin.
Bikini Zone 'the bikini area experts' heard your complaints loud and clear, no pun intended. 
Products created specifically to help putting the Bikini on a whole lot easier. 
Unsightly razor bumps, nicks, cuts, redness and irritation begone.

Anti-Bumps Shave Gel Bikini Area preps delicate skin for the perfect shave.
The clear formula guides the razor over delicate skin. Enriched with botanicals,Vitamins A and E and moisture microbeads, Anti-Bumps Shave Gel lubricates skin for a smooth shave. Every time. One less bathing-beauty hassle to worry about.

Medicated After Shave Spray is the Bikini buster. The Topical Analgesic stops redness, irritation and itching fast. Eliminates bumps quick and easy. Super portable, convenient for that next exotic travel getaway. Backpack, passport and triangle strings on hand. Medicated After Shave Spray with soothing Aloe Vera delivers Bump Free confidence, and off you go. Nothing but adventure, fun, sandy beaches, blue skies, sun and ocean. Zero complaints.