Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FuNbOw CoLoR

Vacation over, office blahs got you down? 
Hard Candy brightens the mood with a fuNbOw of trend- setting nail color.

Candy Sprinkles reminds me of '66 Convertibles and Drive Ins under the stars. Cotton candy, corn dogs, twist ice-cream with sprinkles on top. Cowboy boots, brass buckles, colored lights and the latest act on the big stage. Yeehaw, the Carnival's back in town. Shades like pixie pink, gummy green, sugar rush in bubbly, delicate pastel shades both chic & fun. Candy Sprinkles celebrates the tween, all grown up.

Crushed Chromes puts the metal to the petal in dazzling, bright chrome shades. Crush on Caribbean teal with micro specks of green glitter brings the ocean to your fingertips and toes smack dab in the middle of the concrete jungle.
Crystal Confetti puts the P in pizazz. Wear the funky shades alone or as a topcoat over Crushed Chrome for the ultimate finishing touch curtain call. With names like fireworks, hip hip hooray, jubilee you can't help but burst into song. The color range is spectacular from green apple to vibrant purple, red & blue, silver and black ice.

Glitteratzi Stand out from the crowd. Dare to be an original. Fire flash, glitter jam, party lights, pixie dust glitter looks fresh and hipster chic. Shades of rose, speckled white, burnt orange and mermaid magic make a statement. Nails always look camera ready.


Itzy Glitz 

Neon nails scream take me back to the '80s. The nostalgia, the electricity, the trailblazing days of Madonna, plastic bangles and neon green fishnet stockings. Only the very bold will go there. I loVe the Itzy Glitz collection. Neon yellow, pink, green and blue. I can't paint my toes fast enough. There's a pretty subtle shade of salmon if you want to take it down a notch. Perhaps paint only your ring finger or toe with a pop of neon color. Go ahead and celebrate life. Embrace the artist that lives in you.