Wednesday, September 23, 2015

There's sexy, messy makeup and then there's messed up

There's sexy, messy makeup and then there's MESSED UP

Globs on brush?
Clumps on Lashes?
Super annoying...

Have no fear ladies, help is finally here. 

TwistNClean  keeps the gook off your mascara wand for seamless application.

Girls, how many times have you reached for a tissue, q-tip, eye makeup remover while mad dashing out the door? Too many late dates.

Makeup artists will be in tubular heaven with the neat little cube. Corrugated, biodegradable channels  safely removes excess mascara from the wand. 

Phew, no more fuss. 
You may now carry on with your glamp, goddess self, clump-free and vixen ready.

TwistNClean where have you been all my three-coat, mascara application life?


TWIST N’ CLEAN is lint-free, sustainable, cleaner and more cost-effective than tissues or cotton rounds.


Flushable material dissolves in water.
When finished using both sides of the cube, either flush it down the toilet or place it under a faucet and watch it dissolve! 

Guest appearance:
Black, wet and waterproof