Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Sky Nothing but Blue Sky

There are countless people who work tirelessly in beauty and fashion, from behind the scenes without the glitz or glamour. There are the production people who put together shoots, dealing with the minutia, who arrives where, when, how, which studio, location or hotel to book, scheduling the talent, photographers, hair and make up, setting up catering and the list goes on. Then are the agents, who I give mad props to, the countless people who saw something in me, gave me a chance, an amazing opportunity and patiently developed my career. It's not the best time perhaps to be in the fashion business, especially in this sketchy economy. Only the smart and savvy will be around for the long haul. They quietly tend to business, developing amazing artists,  who are in demand and repeat clients. Great artists are a dime a dozen, but picking the individual is key. Please and thank you go a long way in a sometimes forgotten, thankless industry. 
So thanks to my agent for twenty years together, in this crazy industry. She is the true, rock star celebrity, developing a kick ass roster of talent, and building an  A + talent agency.
She called to chat about bookings, and was excited that one of her artists booked the cover of Rolling Stone. Her sweet success deserves the recognition. Cielo Blue. It means Blue Sky. How appropriate to face life with a smile and positive attitude, where the sky is always blue.