Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Showtime

Award season is almost here and I love it. The guilty pleasure of getting together with friends and watching what the celebs will wear. Paying close attention to hair and makeup, of course. Even doing a Joan Rivers bit, and dissing the misfires in good fun. I know, I know shame on me that's bad karma, but I can't help it. It's the best form of escapism. I have been immersed in award seasons for many years, working beauty suites for prestige cosmetic brands. Painting the faces of countless A and B listers, my favorite clients have always been the directors' wives, the moms and the non-celebs who "can't believe they look so beautiful." It's a special night for them. I make sure they look radiant, glamorous and glowing. There are scores of individuals trying to get their films from paper to reality, working diligently on a project for years. Writing, producing and praying it makes it to the big screen. An evening to be recognized for their fearless, smart, persistent end product, the inspiring achievement. They deserve the applause and star treatment. 
Stila's Live From the Red Carpet Palettes are the winning ticket. Available in 3 Palette combos. they are hot, hot, hot and just in time for award season. Breathtaking Beauty Palette no. 1 has 6 eye shades and is my favorite. It's pretty and wearable, with just enough depth of eye color to add some drama. The shadows are appropriately named Cinema, Best Picture, Film, Academy, Theater, and Drama. There is a shimmery pink and flat beige base, which compliments the brown, sexy eggplant and dark gray. With the prettiest pink convertible color and Kitten, an all over gold shimmer powder you can't go wrong. Dusted on the shoulders, decollete and high cheeks, it looks warm and pretty on film, under the paparazzis' flash bulb blitz. Guava gloss is a nice bonus, it's a soft, flesh tone pink. Created by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sarah Lucero and in collaboration with the E Entertainment team.  Live from The Red Carpet Palettes have step by step instructions inside, how to achieve your very own Red Carpet glamour look.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup for