Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's A Green Thing

CoverGirl has done it again, launching their new, upscale sister line NatureLuxe in January 2011. The line consists of liquid foundation and a Gloss Balm. The Silk Foundation feels weightless on the skin, opting for a bit of cucumber water, it's the lighter alternative to heavy emollients. The new Gloss Balm is break out in song, genius. Available in the prettiest of shades and hints of color, it's filled with natural mango, shea and other butter ingredients. The Gloss Balm feels creamy and light on the lips. I'm digging Clove, a yummy, chocolate shade that's a perfect pick me up for those blase, winter days. Your chapped, dry lips will love it and say thank you. A line that's natural and clean, CoverGirl is putting their best face forward towards the green movement. With carefully chosen ingredients like jojoba and rosehip extract, they can't go wrong. Taylor Swift is a lovely choice for representing the NatureLuxe line. She's young, fresh and widespread appealing, in the most symbiotic, natural way.