Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mental Health Awareness Month & Sliding Glass Doors

I try to keep my beauty blog, light, fun and frivolous. It's make-up after all, and while it has the power to heal the outside transforming the face, today is about shining light from the inside. If you have ever lived with or lost someone to Mental Illness, you know the horrific wake of shame, sadness, havoc, guilt and despair it wreaks. I have known intimately, many brilliant, glorious, fire blazing, lit from within souls. No one is safe from the crazy, the insidious cancers of the mind. While the media makes Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlie Sheen's Bipolar Illness seem glamorous, I assure you it is not. I stumbled across the non-profit site, Little Episodes through a writer friend. This safe, artistic space is a place to write, where it doesn't matter if the day is grey or electric blue. It's this wicked, cool vibe community, where artistic souls are free to create, art, music, poetry, with no judgement. No beauty editors glaring from the sidelines, no judging your weight, height, looks, no apology necessary. The talent and caliber is sublime. The collective energy feels like some fantastic secret, private and freeing at the same time. It's the new millennium movement, a Kerouac, Rilke, Plath collective for these modern times.
Maybe outer beauty is enough for you, it's not for me. If you're searching for inner beauty too, found through artistic expression, and a world filled with no criticism, Little Episodes is the place for you.
Founder Lucie Barat has brought together a stellar team, published 'known' artists, as well as unpublished talent, created a platform for all voices to be heard. That takes guts and determination. That is beautiful. I applaud LE for all the good they do. Bravo.
I am a proud LE member, a published writer in Brainstorms, part of the LE anthology series. 
As LE expands and grows, they are looking for donations. "No donation is too big or too small." Instead of that drink or dinner out, why not support Mental Health and the LE movement, a life saving cause, and give whatever you can to Little Episodes.
And if you can't contribute, just pass the word on. You never know who's out there listening, eager to help.
Little Episode's Lucie Barat with LE contributor Sadie Frost
                   Image Courtesy of Little Episodes  

Brainstorms, featuring 'Model Behaviour' by Jaqueline Cioffa