Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life in The Sun

I have been a fan of SkinCeuticals skincare for some time now. They make serious, kick your butt, stellar skincare. Whenever I've used CE Ferulic along with Retinol 0.5, I've been told, "my skin doesn't glow it glistens." I have raved on and on about their products before, but this post is dedicated to Skin Cancer awareness. It's no joke and a deadly disease. SkinCeuticals has joined forces with Melanoma Research Alliance, "One person in the US dies of Melanoma every hour." Those are horrifying statistics, when it's too easy to get yourself checked by a dermatologist, before you become that number. SkinCeuticals has dedicated a Facebook page where you can join the cause, share stories, find important, life saving information and educate yourself. 
Summer is coming quickly, by all means get out and have fun. Lord knows winter has been way too long. Soak up those rays, swim in the ocean, get outside for a run. Remember to apply your sunscreen generously before heading out. SkinCeuticals has a broad spectrum of Sunscreens, sure bets to satisfy everyone. What are you waiting for, click and support.