Friday, September 14, 2012

Anything Goes

Trendsetters. I always found the term a bit ridiculous. People wear clothes for tons of reasons. Stockbrokers, maids, teachers, janitors, supermodels, rock stars, nuns. We wear them to stay warm, out in the cold. To cool down, and jump in the sea.That first date, the wedding gown, our Sunday best. The person makes the outfit, a bit of moxy and anything goes. I know what I like, when I see it. I don't care about 'the rules.' Have fun, be kooky, experiment with different looks. blogger Geri Hirsch, Trends To Try This Fashion Week at LEAF Fashion Week on StyleHaul, is full on style, posh and young.
Who says you can't wear a jean shirt with jeans? None of the 80's rockers, that's for sure. Geri wears denim well. Short shorts, paired with a twill jacket, sophisticated and modern. Ah, to be young again, the sky's the limit and your own personal Fashion closet.

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LEAF Fashion Week