Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walk A Mile

Marc Jacobs
I'm not going to write a long winded, beauty recap of NYC Fashion Week Spring 2013. One, because everybody and their grandmother has already posted, blogged, wrote, and filmed about it. Two, because it makes my feet hurt. Like seriously ache, kill, blister, standing for thirteen hours at a time, running around like a mad woman, the frenetic energy. Thank Golly, for Zuca Pro Kits, with a built in seat. Every makeup artist's wet dream. I hate walking the catwalk. Made me grumpy, nervous. No thank you, sirree. It's all about Zen living for me. Blogger becauseI'maddicted Geri Hirsch covered the week so well, with her adorable LEAF videos on StyleHaul.
I'll leave you with an empty pocket full of wisdom, and my two cents.
NARS killed it. I loved every look, the backstage vibe. Francois Nars remains the master of color, and Zen Island living.
The emphasis this season was on the full brow and natural skin.
MAC Cosmetics' & VP of Makeup Gordon Espinet dominated the scene, with over 80 shows. Maybelline's presence was known. Queen Victoria Beckham requested Revlon, and the infamous, Gucci Westman.

I'll leave you with a few, favorite makeup looks, and then it's lights out. 'Til we meet again.

Jill Stuart
Alexander Wang

Zuca Pro Makeup Kit

Harper Beckham at Victoria