Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty Young Thing

StyleHaul and http://bit.ly/LEAFNY have teamed up and are hitting NYFW, in style. Black Sedan, driver, ultimate luxury.
Makeup effortlessly applied by becauseimaddicted.net blogger Geri Hirsch, she gives us a front row seat, into her hectic day. Easy makeup application technique, Geri takes it up a notch. Filling in the brow, was right on point. (We've seen statement brows at countless shows this season, Tibi a major contender.) Individual lashes applied from the back seat of her car, genius! They change her whole look, opening her eye and creating a bit of mystery. Adding a funky liquid liner tip for the evening, using a business card or an invite, adds a bit of drama. (I was taught to use a credit card, but hey, whatever gets you through the night.)
The white applied inside the eye, at the crucial halfway point, was an Espresso pick me up, only better. Sans the jitters and the caffeine crash.
I would have like to seen a few brand mentions, for our readers and loyal fans of StyleHaul.com and http://bit.ly/LEAFNY. We still have a few days left, before wrapping up. Can't wait to see what Fashion and Beauty tricks Geri has, up her sleeve. So far, so good.