Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy The Evil Queen

Sorry, I haven't posted. I got caught up with Sandy. Reaching out to family and friends in NYC, a city I once called home. New York is the transplant center, a transient island where big dreams are inches in reach. Millions hustle to 'make it'. Watching the news, strangers helping out, brought a glimmer of hope. Grateful to be in a warm home, stocked fridge, with heat,  hot water and electricity. I come from a small town, neighbors doors' are always open. A critical Election happens NOW, remember get out and VOTE.
People have lost lives, homes, and loved ones. It is a tragedy and Sandy, the evil Queen wreaked havoc. Now is a time to dole out compassion and love.

While waiting for the scales to tip back to neutral, why not indulge in frivolous fun?
I figure it's a good time for Electric Fantasie, Project Runway's Limited Edition by L'Oreal. If you've been watching Once Upon A Time, swept up in the modern day fairy tale, admiring the crazy costumes and makeup, Electric Fantasie is right up your alley. Bold, bright electrifying. Megawatt power so intense, perhaps it could light up a whole city. Wouldn't that be something?


The Enchanted Queen for the diva, dramatic look
The Seductive Temptress for the Seductress in you 
The Wise Mystic a gaze into the future look
The Artsy Muse for the creative, playful side

The Muse's Gaze from the Artsy Muse Collection. Don't be afraid of bright colors that pop. The pigmentation goes on smooth, and doesn't fall onto the face. I'm a fool for gold and the more shimmer, the better. I love gold shadow, worn alone high into the crease. All three bold shades applied to the lash line or swept along the crease would compliment the rich, golden yellow tone.

Image Courtesy of allura beauty

Electric Fantasie LeGloss Collection by L'Oreal shimmers and sheens on the lip, with a sweet hint of caramel. The shades are dazzling, Muse's Shine is a gorgeous, gold pigment that doesn't move or stick. It looks pretty alone or dabbed in the center lip, on top another shade. Mystic Shine's purple blue shimmer duo is a lovely combination. The Queen's Shine is a berry delight.

The Artsy Muse Nail Stickers couldn't be more fun. They'd be a fantastic stocking stuffer for all your girls. Electric Fantasie's Nail Polish is so funky, a girl can't wear just one. Mix and match.
It's the latest trend, hot off the runway. Electric Fantasie, is right on track.


Don't be fooled by The Mystic's Kiss, a deep purple with tiny specks of blue diamonds. When applied, it goes on amazingly sheer, L'Oreals' lipstick is delightfully moisturizing.The color looks cool and mysterious, alluring for a fall or winter's eve.