Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sorcerer's Magic Wand

I love stumbling upon new products. Especially funky, artisan, homespun products made in the good ole' U. S. of A., Minneapolis to be exact.
The Elixery makes me happy. Artistry, mixed with quality and moxy. In hard times when most people are playing it safe, The Elixery is creating and offering homespun, high-end product. Diane Sawyer should profile them in her "Made In America" series.

"Located in a vintage laboratory in the heart of Minneapolis, The Elixery is an artisan cosmetic house dedicated to old-fashioned craftsmanship."

"Our model is simple, but rare: We formulate original products, develop our own colors, and compound products from scratch in our laboratory. This gives us an intimate understanding of our products that few modern companies can claim.
We search the world to source the finest ingredients to ensure our raw materials are safe, ethical, and free of animal testing (see our animal testing policy statement).
Got a cosmetic science question or want to carry our products? Contact The Elixery. "

The Lipsticks feel rich, luxurious and buttery. Like old Hollywood glamour, diamonds and curls. The colors are bold, brazen and super hydrating. With names like Black Ruby, Devious, Fearless, Tempest, Raw Sugar, Hazardous, Karma The Elixery definitely has a sense of humor.

Elixery Lipsticks come in three smashing textures. Frost, Satin and Sheer, something for everyone. Check out the website, you might even find a fairy tale, to go with your new color. We can all use a bit of magic to spice things up. Especially when it comes in a shiny, silver tube of sexy color. Check out Black Ruby, a bold shade of Ruby, the lipstick that comes with her own fable of defiance. Women are meant to shine, embrace their independence. I won't spoil the fun, discover the quirky Lipstick stories on The Elixery, all by yourself.


She stayed home most of the time, caring for her husband and children. He was a serious man, and didn't seem to want her to have any fun.
But when he went to bed at night, she snuck out the door to her real life as a singer in a high class club on the other side of town. Her humble beauty enchanted men and women alike, and it was said that she had a voice like raw sugar - sweet, golden and rough.

Here's to your secret life."


"This limited-edition lipstick was created for Dessa of the Doomtree collective with a charitable cause in mind.
Dessa wanted a matte red lip that didn't pull pink on her golden skin. The Elixery assembled a team that included Emmy® Award winning makeup artist Crist Ballas. Voila, a red with yellow undertones, no orange or blue in sight. The result, a universally flattering color.
Dessa is a well known contributor to social justice, and her signature lipstick is no exception. To that end, Dessa will be donating 100% of her share of the proceeds (20% of the profits) to, an organization that educates and empowers women. The sale of this lipstick will benefit CARE's POWER WITHIN program, which focuses on educating girls in the poorest developing countries. Through this program, CARE hopes to educate 10 million girls by 2015."

The Elixery Lipsticks are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, none of the products were tested on animals or come from animal byproducts. Elixery creates products from scratch, and are involved with good folks like Dessa and Charity. I wanted to keep them my little secret, but The Elixery is too good not too share. Spread the word, ladies.

To keep the magic flowing, The Elixery whipped up Lilu Shimmer Veil.
For the princess, grown up in all of us. The sparkling highlight leaves the slightest hint of shimmer on the skin. The texture is indeed, just like pixie dust.

I received three Glimmerdust samples, yippee. A preview of more to come. Carnivale, the sweetest, pale pink shimmer. Warm, a sunshine, golden dust and Cool, flecks of rich silver. Silver is the shade for the season. Celebrity artist Troy Jensen featured silver on his website. The Elixery, a mix of old school and trailblazers all in one.