Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CEW Beauty Winners on QVC

QVC and beauty? It's a winning combo that draws billions of dollars for the Cosmetic Industry. I'm spoiled, I live in NY and can walk out my door and pick up, play with, check out any new product my heart and face desires. It's great that women all over the country can see on tv what's new and exciting. Last night QVC teamed up with CEW bringing in the CEW Beauty Award winners. I tevo'd the show and quickly scanned the products. DARAC, CEW Beauty 2009's Indie winner looks interesting, congrats to Mally Roncal and her Volumizing Mascara Duo (Mally is the Mascara queen on her celeb clients) & YSL Lipstick works for me anytime. I really tuned in to see the big winner of the night & my gorgeous artist friend, Tim Quinn from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. Congrats to Armani for winning CEW 2009 Beauty Award's Prestige Face Product with Face Fabric Nude Makeup. Genius, stellar. I am already a huge fan of Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. I would die without it in my kit. Face Fabric, as Tim put is "silky, layering, and buildable yet translucent & luminous on the skin." It's semi-matte texture is "silky like second skin, leaving a beautiful glow." It's tres-so-chic portable, yay!