Friday, June 26, 2009

'Da Boys

I like working with the boys. They're chill, fun and uncomplicated. They tell you stories that are never about beauty, but about life in the Bronx or hopping a train to Philly with a backpack just because. This crop of young guys are a new kind of James Dean. I admire their Cool Hand Luke swagger. I shot Grey Boys for D La Repubblica della Donne magazine with photographer Taghi Naderzad. Taghi gets the odd moment, the inn-between cool captured on film. I love how he works, the off putting poses and the freedom of unbalanced movement. I kept the skin clean with a hint of bronzer (Giorgio Armani's Bronze Mania), much like a boxer's sheen.
Grey does matter, it's the mystery between black and white.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup at
Tuan Ahn Tran Hair at L'Atelier NYC