Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working at The Car Wash

I was asked by a friend to assist her with a bridal party this week-end. It's summer, there are tons of boys and girls taking the plunge. The only snag, the bride has requested airbrushing. I am unfamiliar with the technique. I was trained by the tactile masters, who use their fingers as brushes. The Temptu Airbrush System could not be farther away from my makeup application. I live for Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. So, I borrowed a colleague's machine, grabbed a victim and began playing with foundation colors and the gun. It felt foreign, like you're painting a car instead of a face. I have to say, after a few tries and mists on the face, it left a flawless, layer of foundation. (however heavy it seemed to me). Once I got the shade right, I asked my friend how it felt? Her only comment was, "cold." Will I be running out to purchase my own Temptu Kit? Probably not. I love the look of translucent, breathable, flawless skin, using the sheerest possible foundation and minimal concealer. My 'client' came back later that day. I have to admit the foundation stayed put and looked pretty. Bride's all over the country have been requesting airbrushing and paying top dollar. Temptu's been used for High Definition TV, to cover scars & tattoos, and concerts for some time. Carrie Underwood is a fan of Temptu's Air Pod Body Glow and recently wore it on American Idol. Rest assured, brides and maidens, you can now have your special day, worry free. Temptu makeup holds up, for pictures, the reception, well into the night and even the after party. Temptu has come out with personalized kits available at Sephora. Is airbrushing the wave of the future, only time will tell.

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup helped Carrie survive the 100 degree Atlanta heat and humidity during her wedding, her makeup was flawless from beginning to end.  I love TEMPTU airbrush makeup because not only does it look beautiful in person but also in pictures, and no need for touch-ups on the photos. And now, airbrushing is not just for the pros like myself, but now anyone can go to Sephora and start airbrushing.”,default,sc.html
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