Thursday, July 7, 2011

All I Need is an Airstream, Sunscreen & California Dreamin'

Me & My Feathers Courtesy of Indigo Salon

I went to get my hair dyed by my good friend, always in varying shades of red. She owns a salon, in the Finger Lakes. Yeah, it's not New York, or LA but she is one hot, smoking, talented, Hair maven. She is on top of the trends. Last year she asked me to do her makeup, jet black eyes, a bronze sexy, biker chick look. She was off to see Aerosmith in concert. She digs Steven Tyler, who doesn't? When she pulled out feathers to put in my hair, I felt 18 all over again. With my banging, 80's blond streak and big hair. Badass, bold, in your face, world at my feet, watch out, I'm coming. A few feathers was all it took. My 73 year old mother, the original badass replied, " I want one!" So there you have it, creativity has no town or age limit. A little hippie chic, and your off & running. Get your groove back on. 


"According to Fine Feather Heads' Facebook page, they use only the "highest quality REAL feathers from farm raised birds... in a variety of colors from blue, red, even wild hot pinks and purples to natural colors like golden-rod and tigers-eye.
Installation takes less than a couple minutes, with no damage to hair. And, they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled!
You can purchase a single feather in different colors or a bundle of feathers online and do your thing. You'd think these feathers would be a fly by night thing, but once they're washed, they evidentally become one with your hair and last for months."
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