Monday, July 4, 2011

Bring Me A Prince & I'll Show You a Well Kempt Woman

We've got our Hanky Panky lingerie, in sexy, cheeky, fun colors and shapes. Now what? We're off to a promising start. Make sure your legs and bikini line are neat and tidy. Ready for some summer fun, at the beach, by the pool, in short-shorts and shades. With Schick Quattro for Women's TrimStyle you & your legs can rest easy, silky, smooth and confident. It comes with four blades for a close shave, your legs will feel smooth for days. Are you ready for the piece de resistance? It has the coolest, battery operated, waterproof trimmer attached. With three different comb lengths, you can get that perfect, bikini trim. Why invest a fortune on waxing or laser treatments, that leave you red and bumpy for days? Pick up a TrimStyle, the inexpensive, bump free, hassle free, easy to use, and even easier to pack, smart razor and trimmer in one, way to go. With all those dollars saved, treat yourself to a five star vacation on some exotic beach, and show off those fabulous, TrimStyle, killer legs. If it's good enough for Ms. Perry and her go on for days, gorgeous legs, it's good for me. "Now, bring me a Prince," I  dare say.

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"Schick® Quattro for Women® continues to hit the road with Katy Perry this summer as an official partner of her California Dreams 2011 Tour! Follow our spontaneous summer adventures at and"