Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take Me Back

Zeno Line Rewind Wrinkle Reduction Kit is straight from the future. I bet Steven Spielberg would be a fan of it's ingenious future. A super cute handheld device, that emits red LED (Light Emitted Diode) with light and warmth, vibrates and massages the skin. Its non-invasive, costs pennies compared to botox or surgery, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin.
Line Rewind vibrates, soothes and massages, with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Used in combination with Line Rewind Serum, it's a one two punch knockout. Enriched with peptides and the potent antioxidant Reservatrol. It's a Spa day in the luxury of your own home. Line Rewind Serum supports a cellar turnover and diffuses wrinkles efficiently.
Peptides are the medical wave of the future, signaling the skin to produce more collagen. As we get older, we lose elasticity, the skin starts to sag and wrinkle.
Bummer, but hey if I can knock off a few years, I'm in. I love my little pink Zeno, its adorable and funky. When aliens come and abduct me, I'll look like a million bucks. They'll be amazed by my radiant, luminous skin, light years younger. Take that, age busters.

Next stop. Zeno Blemish Fighter. Who wouldn't want those nasty pimples zapped away?

Zeno Blemish Prevention Kit

"Destroys Up To 99.9 Of Acne Bacteria In One Hour. Helps Prevent Future Breakouts And Penetrates And Unclogs Pores."

  Zeno's HEAT TREAT Blemish Prevention Kit is the 2011 CEW Beauty Award Winner in Facial Skincare: Acne Treatment!