Friday, January 27, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Linda Christian The Original Bond Girl

From Peter Thomas Roth direct to you, a new 'James Bond' cool Eye Product. A breakthrough in the latest technology, "Lashes To Die For" THE LINER, enhanced with SymPeptide at 10 %, liquid liner does double duty. Rich pigment in dramatic black, with an awesome felt tip pen for precise application, it stays put and is GOOD for your lashes. "Lashes appear twice as thick in just six weeks." I love it.
I'm a fan of Peter Thomas Roth products. He is an expert in skincare and haircare, I'm up for the challenge.

For women of a certain age, (and that goes for most of us gals over thirty) your lashes tend to thin, shrink, disappear and even go grey! BOO HOO. I say stop the aging process with Peter Thomas Roth and  dual action peptide treatment/ liquid liner. It's the perfect new millennium gadget. Dull lashes are never James Bond sexy or 007 mysterious. My clients will love it. I've tried Semi- Permanent Individual Lash Extensions, they can do serious damage after long time use. You wind up with three lashes left on your lids. So I say six weeks to dramatic, Bond Girl sultry eyes, in bewitching black. Bring it. It's the latest, sizzlin' hot, innovative technology.