Monday, January 16, 2012

Sarraqa "Celestial rise - The rise of the moon, stars, and sun"

Shu Uemura's Celestial Garden Spring 2012
Shu Uemura's impressive 134th Spring Collection, Celestial Garden evokes an ethereal, mystical garden, celebrating color that lives harmonious between heaven and earth. 
The Eye Shadow Trio comes in two limited edition shades. Air, bewitches in a Morpho, butterfly blue with tiny specks of silver, serene lavender compliments any skin tone and deep brown, in tune with nature and mother earth. The packaging graphics are so crisp and clean, pink and gray vines intertwined, it's almost too pretty to use.
Gloss Unlimited in special edition colors, comes in two blossoming shades. Neither sticky nor heavy when applied to the lip, the Goddess 'Sunn' would be ripe for a kiss. Blooming Pink Gloss is a subtle pink, and Corona Orange is a yummy, lustrous orange -pink. 
The Creamy Dome Blusher, reminds me of an ancient, open air planetarium. Where one could go to examine the stars in wonder and awe. Fairy Pink, a lovely, bright blush leaves your cheeks aglow, while Sunlight Peach casts a magic spell of beauty upon all others.
The Eye Crayon, a creamy, dual pencil can be used to draw fine lines or blended like shadow. I adore these two colors, misty gray and molten brown. They are the perfect shades of serenity, where Khadroma (Celestial beings) lives. Celestial Garden Spring Collection, the heavens and earth meet in blissful, creative, masterful Shu Uemura harmony.