Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Look Your Best Without Cosmetic Surgery by Isabella Franklin

"True happiness and self-confidence radiates natural beauty from the inside out." 
My years in the beauty industry were surrounded by gorgeous women. And some average women who transformed, became naturally stunning, without going under the knife. I do believe there are times when cosmetic surgery is appropriate, breast cancer mastectomy, cleft palette, and unsightly afflictions that require help. When I work on an aging actress with plumped up lips, chipmunk cheeks and eyes full of fillers, it looks ugly in my opinion. It's hard to do makeup on a plastic face, it slides and doesn't sit well on the skin. It's unfortunate and challenging to say the least.
Dame Helen Mirren, Robin Wright, Holly Hunter, Kyra Sedwick, these are my preferred beauties. Smart, sexy women, intriguing to watch, even with crow's feet, laugh lines, and foreheads that move. They emote power, and exude confidence.
When I was approached by Isabella Frankin, who runs and writes, to do a post, I was flattered. She wrote the following 'beauty themed piece'.
I asked her to tread lightly on cosmetic surgery, and she kindly did. I hope you enjoy her innovative insights and really cool product suggestions, as much as I did. 

How to Look Your Best Without Cosmetic Surgery
by Isabella Franklin
"Bum lifts, cheek implants and boob jobs are popular these days, but there are ways to revamp your appearance – naturally. Going under the knife’s a big step, so here’s how to improve your looks without cosmetic surgery."
If you think a facelift’s the only way to iron out those laugh lines – you’re mistaken. A good face cream can work wonders on older skin and should knock years off in no time. Use an age-busting product such as L’Oreal’s Youth Code (inspired by gene science) and revitalise your complexion in time for spring. A bit of pampering and preening will do you a world of good, so stock up your vanity and get beautifying.

Eye bag removal can improve your appearance but so can gentle exfoliation. Rubbing abrasive creams over your body can unclog pores and increase circulation. Simply squeeze your favourite exfoliating shower gel onto a pair of exfoliating gloves and polish the skin – make sure to avoid rough or sore patches. This will get rid of any grime that’s making your face look dull and reveal your natural luminosity. Soap & Glory’s Flake Away is ideal for soft, smooth legs and the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub from Lush is a good body cleanser.

Think liposuction’s the only way to better thighs? Well, think again! Regular exercise helps breakdown fat and can even reduce cellulite – what could be better. Hit the treadmill a few times a week and you'll notice a difference in no time. Exercise releases happy hormones, known as endorphins and is a great way to lift your mood. So jump on the treadmill, take a leisurely stroll and you'll be well on your way to a better body. 
Wear the Right Makeup 
Forget lip plumping procedures and cheek implants, opt for specially designed cosmetics. The Sally Henson Lip Inflation Extreme lip gloss will perfect your smile and Rimmel’s Multi-Tonal Powder Blush will help you create the right affect. A cream-based foundation works best on older skin and red lipstick brightens any complexion.

"Cosmetic surgery can certainly improve your looks, but if you’re looking for alternatives there’s plenty of things out there," says Bella. 
I agree. Eat healthy portions of fruits and veggies, drink H2O, meditate, exercise, get plenty of sleep, laugh a ton and smile at strangers.You'll be pleasantly surprised when they smile back, thinking, "What a beautiful, confident, sexy, put together, pretty woman."